Being the Rainbow

About a year or so ago I had the great pleasure of seeing Dr. Maya Angelou speak. I have long admired Ms. Angelou so my friend Claudia bought tickets for us to see her speak in Santa Cruz, CA.

“Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud”

she said and proceeded to tell a story of poignant worthiness.

While I have always practiced a similar concept, the succinct way in which Ms. Angelou delivered the idea seems to have become part of my DNA. I have often repeated the story told by Ms. Angelou when engaged in philosophical discussion with friends and acquaintances.

Having adopted the role of ‘tribune deliverer’ of ‘being the rainbow’ news I find the rainbow shows in my life more definitively and once more underscoresWhat Goes Around Comes Around a song I wrote and recorded over 30 years ago.

Inspiring, encouraging and comforting is ‘being the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ and the mission of Hide A Heart for you

I am no Pollyanna, I am fully aware of human struggle, but as Lena Horn once said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 7.31.24 AM

For me, choosing to smile to make a Happy Day is my favorite way of carrying the load and being the rainbow(photo credited to Rainbows End 2012 Digital Art by Sally Stevens). What’s yours?

Love Liberates


11 thoughts on “Being the Rainbow

  1. Maya Angelou is a national treasure, and I’m really honored to illustrate her inspirational comment. Thank you so much!

  2. LOVE her!! Like you pointed out with Lena Horn’s quote, I try to find the positive without being a Pollyanna… that’s why I think Maya Angelou’s wisdom speaks to me! She always seems to be able to find the positive and/or the lesson in any situation!! I hope to be half as wise someday!

  3. Who was is that pointed out you can’t have a rainbow without the rain? I guess that’s why we’ve been friends all these years … because we are both able to accept the rain on the parade and still keep marching. Doesn’t mean we have to like it … we just have to keep on keepin’ on.

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