What Happens to Biz if YOU get sick?

Good question that deserves consideration that is no cartoon of a laughing matter. Have you given any thought to training someone to cover your boutique, home-based online business should you become suddenly ill?

Maybe its because a dear friend of mine died last year or that I took a another dear friend to the ER this morning. Maybe its because I turned a certain ‘Age of Chic’ this year.

Doesn’t really matter why or what age one may be, it only matters that giving some serious thought about who takes over Hide A Heart should I suddenly become ill has been keeping me up at night, so I figure my subconscious is trying to get my attention. I don’t want any of the red glass hearts to break because I was having too much fun with all the creating, marketing and selling but didn’t pay close enough attention to some pretty important details.

Hold on to Momentum

Be a cartoon for fun and not in practice! With the monumental amount of work, time and $$ one invests into a entrepreneurial boutique home-based online business, you wouldn’t want to lose momentum due to an unexpected or protracted illness.

Here are the steps I’ve taken and welcome any you can add.

Create a binder of:

  1. A list of daily tasks
  2. An inventory of products already gift wrapped
  3. Detailed directions about filling, filing and how to prepare orders for shipping
  4. Detailed ‘How To’ directions about how to purchase online postage
  5. Relative account URL and passwords for those sites, cell phone and computer

Create a folder into which there are:

  1. Post templates for Tweet, FB and other blog commentary
  2. Write and schedule 12 blog posts
  3. Download from Handmadeology goal tracker spread sheets and files for keeping track of sales, contact information for relevant suppliers and customer care
  4. Write HTML code for post inclusion where appropriate- See an earlier post about writing HTML
  5. Leave details of how to order shipping supplies online

Additionally, I have created folders into which there are printed gift message cards to include with orders and  have shipping supplies on hand to handle about two months of orders.

Now may I take a moment to direct you to web sites as appreciation for Amber and Lauren for whom I have particular affection? They gave me the opportunity to become a better writer and I encourage you to visit these worthy ladies!

Flight Path Studio


6 thoughts on “What Happens to Biz if YOU get sick?

  1. Great point to bring up 🙂 I should do that with the online store…as we move towards opening a boutique I will train my man as well as a dear friend that will be helping me on a daily basis. This is such good advice-thanks for blogging and sharing 🙂

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