Etsy Adds Pinterest Button

Along with suffering from Rhino fever, I tend to do things the hard way! However, so far in 2012 I have learned two really wonderful things that have made life easier at Hide A Heart Central!

How did I miss this? I don’t recall receiving a notice about this happy button having been added to my Hide A Heart Etsy Shop. Did you notice on your Etsy product page a ‘Pin It‘ button has been added?

I have to say I was delighted to discover it along with another exciting realization!

One more Tip o’ the Day

One cannot use CraftCult to insert Etsy treasuries into a blog.

One of the things I like to do is post an Etsy Treasury featuring one of the HAH hearts as add additional appreciation and promotion by adding it to the Treasury Appreciation Page. So that I can return the favor by including a product from those shops when creating treasuries, this also helps me keep track of shops who have selected one of the glass heart products or my Mary Catherine Lunsford CD recordings.

I use a tool found on what used to be Whale Shark but is now known as Red Row Studio to make a code. The tool lets you select the size and number of rows for displaying the treasury.

This is an IMPORTANT asset, because the margins on this blog template are narrow and through trial and error, I have learned to be sure to set up for three rows of ‘tiny’ pictures so that the code will be created for that size.

Inserting the treasury code:

  1. I open the page on which I want to post the treasury
  2. I add the date of the treasury and then place a ________________ about three rows down
  3. I switch the page to HTML and find the area between the date and the ___________ and post the code between them
  4. I switch the page back to Visual so I can see if all the product photos show properly and then hit ‘update’
  5. Then I ‘preview’ the page to be sure it looks right

I have always copied an Etsy treasury URL from the browser into a sticky note, then copied the part of the URL required to generate the code as shown here:

  • The entire URL treasury address:
  • The portion of URL treasury address needed to generate the code: ODgwMzUxNnwxNzIzNDI2NTM5

But today I realised I could simply copy the portion of the URL needed to generate the code directly from the URL browser! It’s only taken the entire year of 2011 to make this discovery.

I can’t wait to discover something more this year! What new discoveries are you making in 2012?


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