Could You Use a PR Tool?

Have you wanted to know the page ranking for your Etsy Shop, blog or webpage? I’ve got the tool for you! Knowing your page ranking or that of someone with whom you plan to ‘partner’ with for a giveaway or as a guest writer can be very helpful. I’ve been hunting for one ever since Google bar page rank tool was discontinued. Today, I was rewarded!

In the quest for media exposure for Hide A Heart, I subscribe to both HARO and Reporter Connection . Today I noticed a call for Valentine gift products for review giveaway and decided to check the page ranking of the blog before responding because I was advised by one of my 6-Thinking Hats committee members that providing a giveaway on a blog with less than a 4 page rank was probably not cost-effective.

However, in the esprit d’ camaraderie (since my blogs share the company of a lower PR than 4) I think it only fair to make exceptions on occasion.

I came across a couple of tools that I tried then settled on PageRank Checker. You can even add your blog or web site page rank via HTML code that the checker generates for you.

However, if you scroll to the bottom of the checker page, do note that it has a lengthy disclaimer. Getting free apps just isn’t what it used to be…kind of like the toys in Rice Krispies cereal boxes and Cracker Jacks. When I was growing up, those toys were sturdy and worked, especially the Snap, Crackle and Pop rings and the submarine that used baking soda to propel it. Probably has something to do with those pesky hackers making everything so inconvenient. Do you know of a good page ranking tool for a MAC using Safari or Mozilla?

In the meanwhile, I am holding on to hope that the PR checker I’m using remains viable.


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