A Priceless Cup of Coffee is a Merry Gift of Christmas

I enjoyed the most extravagant cup of coffee the other day. In fact, I gulped down the equivalent of what would be a $1500 cup of coffee with glee and a ‘Merry Gift of Christmas’!

Earlier in the summer, I reconnected with one of the Leyden Singers, Beth McShane.

We were celebrating the 90th birthday of Jimmy Leyden at his vineyard. As it happened, I was happily chatting about my Hide A Heart business while showing some of the hearts. Beth’s favorite was the Claddagh, so I gave it to her to hide as a gift that says I love you for her anniversary.

I am a firm believer in the philosophy that ‘what goes around, comes around’ and today was a perfect example.

Beth and I are ‘media’ connected through Twitter and Facebook too. We have been planning to get together for a cup of coffee and long chat and finally found a date that would fit into both our schedules this week.

I thought we were going to talk about music, performing, families and the holidays…perhaps provide each other some stocking stuffer suggestions, but instead, I found myself the recipient of an early Merry Gift of Christmas from Beth of McShane Media! Beth is also a graphic designer, model, actress and singer. YES! She’s a talent, but even more impressive, Beth is a generous and gracious person of precious spirit.

I showed Beth what will be the Mardi Gras available at Nest Interiors in Louisiana and Oh! La! La! additions to the Etsy Hide A Heart Shoppe and asked if she would mind giving me her input. I explained that my husband often claims I am ‘too esoteric’ for most people cautioning, “sometimes people don’t know what you mean” and I wanted to avoid my usual ‘pitfall’ but I never in my wildest dreams expected to receive such an extravagant number of useful tips!

“Gotta change that font. It’s got too many ‘serif’ to be readable. (Thanks to my son, I knew what she meant by ‘serif’!) What do you want it to message? Look at the Peet’s Coffee font…it was no accident they chose that font to imbed the preferred message into your brain. That’s a really important part of branding.” I’d never thought about it….I mean I know there are ‘subtle’ and not so ‘subtle’ messages in photos and slogans, but font is part of branding messaging? Yikes!!! So much to learn….so little time to learn it!

Then the conversation turned to tweeting. It turns out there’s plenty for me to improve upon in that arena too! In particular, “so you are not held captive to your computer for hours, think about using bufferapp.com.” Well, blow me down with a feather, but I’ve never even heard of ‘bufferapp.com’

I am, however, a QUICK study and happy to report bufferapp.com and I are ‘following’ each other on Twitter; I’ve got tweets lined up for strategic delivery times; I’ve replaced the ‘serif’ heavy font and reprinted Fleur de Lis gift and story cards; AND….

Here’s one more major among the Merry Gifts of Christmas receive: Beth advised that I periodically revisit blog posts to Tweet!!! Who knew??????


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