Shout Out to Oregon Etsyians

If you live in Oregon and have an Etsy Shop and a blog, let’s chat about how to support one another and cross-promote at the same time!

I was thinking about a ‘marketing on a shoe string’ strategy today and how to get some local press for Hide A Heart. It struck me that one of the most obvious ways would be to connect with other Etsy Shop owners living in Oregon!

I once did an Etsy search to connect with shop owners living in my immediate neighborhood and sent an email to a couple I discovered, but everyone is so busy, we never quite pulled off meeting one another over coffee.

I think a ‘virtual’ connection would be easier to accomplish and I’m counting on my fellow Oregon Etsyians to feel similarly. I just replaced all the ‘cyber Monday’ and ‘black Friday’ tags with Portland Oregon and Etsy searched other Portland Oregon shops to find there are a fair number of us!

Here’s my ‘marketing on a shoestring’ strategy proposal:

  1. I will make a page titled Oregon Etsyians on both Hide A Heart blogs
  2. add links to Oregon Etsy Shops and Blogs
  3. include the link to that page in the Hide A Heart Etsy Shop

If you live in Oregon and have an Etsy Shop and a blog, leave your shop and blog address below in the comment section and that will serve as TWO links to your shops and blogs!

If this new ‘shoestring’ strategy is successful, I think there’s a good chance I can pull together an even larger project TBA later!

Looking forward to connecting with all my fellow Oregon Etsyian Shops!


4 thoughts on “Shout Out to Oregon Etsyians

    • Hi Joyce! I am delighted you have responded to my shout out to fellow Oregon Etsyians! I hope you will let other Etsyians in the Salem area know about this effort to come together and help each other.
      I quite understand why you have not had enough time to start a blog…they are a little like ‘sour dough starter’….once one begins, feeding the blog becomes an obligation!
      Thank you for providing the link to your Etsy Shop, which I took the opportunity to visit, fav and add you to my circle. I’ll spend a little more time ‘shopping’ in Joyousworld ASAP.
      In the meanwhile I will add your shop link to both of the HAH blogs. If you ever start a blog in the future, be sure to provide a link so I can add it!

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