What’s Your 2012 Advertising Budget?

When you stop by a blog, do you notice many have side bar advertisements? I always wonder how the shops advertising decide which blogs will provide the highest R.O.I. yield. What is the best way you have found to advertise an Etsy Shop or your own URL?

I received a call from Google Adwords a couple of weeks ago. I know about Google Adwords after checking out the info last year and decided the potential for ‘clicks’ might exceed my bank account. Also, Handmadeology and Etsy are now offering ads for a lot less investment. But I keep vacillating back and forth, struggling to decide which advertising will pay off in the best yield per dollar spent.

After reading a quick post determining an advertising budget on MANTA last week, I have concluded Hide A Heart will need to set aside approximately 10% of revenue (gross or net?) for an annual budget. Based on my 2012 sales projections I will need to set aside approximately $1000. Yikes! That number makes me ‘glow with incandescent illumination trepidation’ so let’s say $500 instead!

Google Adwords recommends spending $340.00 a month! NO WAY!!! I would have to invest in an oxygen tank to try to control the hyperventilating! However, in discussing the advertising dilemma with a dear friend, she points out that “you are going to make mistakes. But too little spent on advertising won’t benefit you at all.” Hmmm. Thanks, that makes things so much clearer–NOT!

I’ve decided to divide the $500 into three advertising categories based on the following criteria:

  • The number of potential customers that can be reached in an identified customer group
  • A high volume but quality online source
  • Face-2-Face local media
  1. A Newsletter $175.00 for 4 consecutive ads
  2. Handmadeology Pro $120.00 per year
  3. Etsy Relevancy Ads $22.00 x 52=$1,144.00 a year
  5. Inter-acting with other bloggers–EXCELLENT opportunities
  6. HAH blog and HAH bloodspot posts
  7. EverythingEtsy enhanced listing $50.00 1-time fee
  8. New Etsy Listings $.20 per listing

There’s a hole in my advertising budget bucket! How’s your 2012 advertising strategy bucket filling up?


4 thoughts on “What’s Your 2012 Advertising Budget?

  1. I am just a very small time seller and do not even have an advertising budget. I sell on eBay and do not advertise much. Just twitter and facebook (which is just my time). I just supplement my social security income and I am happy with that.

  2. Be sure to track where your sales and traffic come from with this plan. Give it 3-4 months then evaluate and shift your strategy. That’s the nice thing about a strategy, you can always change. Have you had much success marketing to the handmade community Handmadeology, etc? I finding I spend a lot of time marketing to the handmade community thinking, of course they’ll support me. But they really account for very little of my sales. Your business is entirely different than mine though. Be careful of the Etsy paid advertising. Us online marketers do not like that type of platform that is paid by impressions. It’s a money maker for the hostee, not the advertiser. It’s always better to pay for Pay Per Click (PPC) than impressions. Plus, pay for click you don’t pay for impressions, only clicks, so you’re getting impressions for free and only paying for those who click. If you find the Etsy ads don’t work for you, I’d move that money over to Google and play with that. It takes a lot of time and effort to really start making your money work for you. Or you could put some of your money into SEO on your site. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I have noticed that while I am a good customer or other Etsy shops, the return has not been quite as hoped. However, it is a little hard to tell…perhaps others are chatting about HAH to non-shop owners and those folks have become HAH customers. I always ask customers how they ‘discovered’ the HAHShoppe but do not always receive an answer. I very much appreciate your “2-cents.”!

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