Stars Antique’s Mall

I love success stories and Stars Antiques and Shopping Mall has a great story! Owned by three friends and opening the first store in 1993, Stars is the ‘go to place’ in Portland when you are searching for ‘treasures in all categories of genre’.

And so it is no wonder that I thought of Stars when chatting with my mother about how we ‘may’ have been a little over enthusiastic about the purchasing and growth of our now collectible as of 2003 House of Hatten. We also have way too many Jim Shore Christmas Figurines and other fantastic holiday Santas and Ornaments, so those will also be added to the ‘full deliberation’ test.

My father and husband tried to discourage us, but we would have NONE of it! We were ‘on a mission’ and now, closet space is dear due to the volume of our House of Hatten and Jim Shore collections!

Since August we have pulled all that we own out of the closets, chosen a limited number of our most favorite and “no way on this good earth can we part with” pieces! I offered friends the ‘right of first refusal’ and then plan on taking the rest to Stars!

Oh you may find some House of Hatten on Ebay and Jim Shore figurines at CherryLane Keepsakes, but we have some very ‘hard to find’ pieces and have no interest in boxing them up to ship, so Stars is the obvious answer to our dilemma!

But Wait! Stars is NOT going to be the answer after all! And let me tell you why…cost of goods to market. Unfortunately STARS charges a fee I am presently unable to afford. But, I shall NOT be dissuaded!

Instead, I have a plan to take photos of products with which I am willing to part and list the ones  fitting the ‘vintage’ requirements in the Hide A Heart Etsy shop. As for the rest that do NOT fit the ‘vintage’ requirements.

Well, I have decided to hostess a luncheon where anyone looking for some holiday decorations in perfect condition priced right for quick sale with proceeds donated to the Food Bank….Drop by and let’s make a deal!

Example product

A finely detailed Santa of extraordinary size and always displayed to welcome guests to our Holiday Open House! Carved of balsa wood with cut tin accents. 26.5″ tall and 11″ wide from sleeve to sleeve; weighs 3lbs. Original price $300.00–Make an offer!

Let the holiday shopping begin!


5 thoughts on “Stars Antique’s Mall

  1. I bought it about 7 years ago, so it is not too old, but in perfect condition! I figure it no one purchases it during the luncheon, I’ll give it away and make the donation myself.

  2. Oh wow! Love him. Very my style. Sounds like some great ideas to unload your collections. Selling off my grandma’s belongings has taught me a lot about the antique, vintage, and collectible markets. Very interesting. Good Luck!

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