Can you say ‘crock pot’? It’s Holiday Season for Hide A Heart

For years my husband has commented to friends when discussing epicurean topics, “I’ve noticed at our house there doesn’t seem to be much between gourmet and sandwiches for dinner,” followed by casting a look in my direction to which I respond, “It’s true!” But after 38+ years of marriage, I have decided to surprise him during holiday sales season this year.


I have been thinking about getting ready for the holidays this year. One of the major tasks before me is preparing our home to list for sale in the spring, so participating in the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp cannot be fitted onto my dance card along with working at the hospital along with a gigantic to do list for holiday selling and marketing for….can you spell V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S day?

Today I decided to take a little break and visit to find 101 Simple Handmade Gifts and worth a visit. Then I made a tour of posts on the FB  Hide A Heart Fan Page where I found PREPARATION  H-H IS FOR HOLIDAYS! posted by Tim at

Scrolling down the Preparation H handy-dandy post I came across the category: You (and Your Family) and the words ‘crock pot’ caught my attention. Hmmm…Since there is nothing between gourmet (I belong to a Julia Child Supper Club) and sandwiches (in the winter I add a cup of soup!) at, what I fondly refer to as our ‘House of Hide A Heart’, it got me to thinking……

My favorite online site for recipes is where many of the recipes are rated for ease and success. But I know there are some of you out there that have TRIED-N-TRUE crock-pot recipes! So, I’m putting out an APB (all points bulletin!) soliciting your help. Are you game?

WIN-WIN Proposal–Kelley is the Winner!!!!!

Between November 5-December 10

  1. Send a link to the crock-pot recipe you favor
  2. Scan/send your favorite crock-pot recipe to

In return, a Hide A Heart goes to the person supplying the crock-pot recipe I make for my husband that he declares as his favorite! I will contact the winner, so make sure to leave an email or your Etsy Shop name.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

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25 thoughts on “Can you say ‘crock pot’? It’s Holiday Season for Hide A Heart

  1. I love crock pot cooking…. not sure I have any recipes for it though.. I mostly just throw whatever I want in there and cook it until I am ready to eat it. I make chili in mine a lot.. and potato soup.. I know I bought my son a crock pot the year before he moved out.. with a cook book for it.. it has desserts and drinks and everything in there… not sure he has tried any of them though. Will be people be posting their links here or will you do another post with all the recipes.. I would love to check them out.. maybe try a few.

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      • Made a few changes to the recipe as I finished it up this evening…..and updated the post to reflect those changes. Instead of using sour cream I used some Philadelphia Zesty Garlic Cooking Creme,and added a package of instant Betty Crocker Potatoes to thicken the soup after cooking the potatoes (used a cheese and sour cream flavored one). It turned out awesome! You really need to try it!


    I found this recipe on the 4th of July, I wanted something new to try and I wanted to cook for my husband instead of him having to worry with it that day. We normally use Chicken Tenderloins or Chicken Halves, we even found a BBQ sauce that is gluten free so now our daughter can enjoy the chicken with us! Definitely a request from hubby every week, I pair it up with my Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole and Rolls 🙂

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