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Wow! Did I have some ‘cleaning up’ to do on the Hide A Heart press release. If you want to find out if you have some work to do and need a Press Release Grader tool to help you, keep on reading.

Let me once again introduce you to Joan Stewart. You can also connect with Joan via Facebook. I have mentioned it before, if you have not yet signed up for Joan’s newsletter, you are missing out on one of the best online resources available!

Tonight I took some time to read through one of the recent editions of Publicity Hound’s Newsletter and this one really got my attention in the first paragraph! There was a link to a really useful tool and I took full advantage! I encourage you to fully utilize the tool as well.

I wrote a press release two years ago for Hide A and Etsy Shop. I have been so busy with every other detail of Hide A Heart on Etsy, I have not re-worked the original press release to incorporate a number of things I’ve learned about ‘anchor text’ and other exceptional tips I have found on EverythingEtsy and Meylah.

See for yourself. I had NO anchor text and the link to find Hide A Heart on the web is buried at the bottom of the page. About the only thing I had in the right place was the ### marks at the end!

Former Press Release:


Contact: Randy Bowles/MCatherine Lunsford-Bowles

Phone: 503-678-5804


Creating Romantic Fun that’s Budget Friendly

What’s more fun than a greeting card? …a HIDE A HEART! Most people read then discard a card, but giving a glass heart to say, “LOVE YOU” is something people will hold on to for years.

Made in the USA of ruby glass, HIDE A HEART is romantic, inexpensive and reusable when couples take turns hiding the heart in a secret place for an affectionate surprise. HIDE A HEART makes a perfect wedding, anniversary, empty nest rejuvenation, or relationship building gift. For ‘Hope & Healing’, the purple glass heart is given to offer comfort, support and honors courage for someone going through a life-challenging experience. Each heart is beautifully packaged for gift-giving.

MCatherine Lunsford-Bowles tells the story that inspired HIDE A HEART. “Twenty-seven years ago my husband surprised me with a little red glass heart he had hidden for me to discover. From that day on we have hidden the heart for each other and over the years the meaningfulness of the little heart has grown.” After a lot of discussion and realizing the idea held great potential as a meaningful gift for other couples, they registered the name HIDE A HEART® and started their business. “We wanted to share with others what began as a way for us to speak and keep the ‘language of love’ alive in our relationship,” says Lunsford-Bowles.

“In a world where there is a need to seek reusable products, and a desire to return to a more simple and thoughtful expression of love, we believe HIDE A HEART can help facilitate relationship-building” Randy said. “Using one of the HIDE A HEART keepsakes to create positive communication in nearly every age group, the return on investment will be priceless and that idea makes us feel good” continued Randy.

For more information and to see the HIDE A HEART Collection, visit the website: or


HIDE A HEART® was started in 2009 by Randy and MCatherine Lunsford-Bowles, a devoted couple for over 35 years and big proponents of keeping the spark alive in everyone’s relationship, continue to hide a heart for each other at home in Oregon. They are available for interviews and speaking engagements.


Using HubSpot Press Release Grader Tool

Well, I just spent about two hours re-working the press release based on going to a link Joan provided: where you can cut/paste the press release you have already composed and then let the ‘grader’ give you feed back about what needs to be improved upon.

I’m telling you, this really works!!! Try it. You won’t be disappointed, but it takes a little bit of understanding. For example, I knew in the revised version I had hyper-linked the .com for Hide A Heart in the first part of the introductory text, yet the tool kept saying there was no link to It took several times re-working the words to finally realise that the evaluation tool was not looking for a hyper-link, but instead was looking for written out!

BTW: Turns out ‘anchor’ text isn’t just any ol’ word either! Whew! It took some time for me to figure out WHICH words to use. You’d think I’d know this with all the tutorials, forums and blog bits Etsy has provided, but NO….it still escaped me for a while.

While I worked for about an hour to write the press release to meet a level of understanding that will engage most people, I’ve still missed that boat. However, I am delighted that I now have it written for understanding at an 11th grade level instead of a ‘first year master’s class’ level (jeez–who knew I could even write at that level??) but I plan to keep at it until I reach the broadest level of appeal.

One more thing: It does turn out that in a Press Release Grader Tool isn’t fond of having anchor text lead to more than one web destination, so I could not include the Hide A Heart Etsy Shop. Perhaps I should consider writing a second press release with anchor text just for the HAH Etsy. Got any thoughts to share with me about that idea?

The new and improved

Hide A Heart Press Release

ala HubSpot Blog and Publicity Hound–THANK YOU!

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