Hide A Heart Etsyversary

Special Announcement!Hide A Heart

Click the link to find out more about Hide A Heart for someone you LOVE!

October 28 is ETSYVERSARY for HIDE A HEART! I want to express my appreciation to YOU for following along with me on this amazing journey and in celebration of our second Etsyversary, I plan to give away a Hide A Heart to one of YOU!

Leave a comment in this post letting me know the best tip or info that worked for you found on Hide A Heart’s blog these past two years. Go ahead and look back through the posts where you will find lots of links to EverythingEtsy , Handmadeology, Etsy Success, and other sites with articles filled with useful information too.

I will announce the winner on the Hide A Heart Facebook Fan Page so be sure to ‘LIKE’ the page then check to find out if you won on October 28th by 7:00 am Oregon time!

17 thoughts on “Hide A Heart Etsyversary

  1. Hide a heart help brings strength just to hold and say a prayer or meditate. As I said, I will be passing mine on to my son who is a Nuke in the Navy and I hope it brings him strength like it has for me and my Lupus!

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