‘Iheart You’ Holiday Splendor

Autumn has arrived in PDX! Time for a cup of coffee, a chat and the season for annointing myself with the sparkle of ‘I♥You’ holiday splendor!

I don’t know what it’s like today in your neck of the woods, but Autumn landed with both feet last night in PDX! This morning I’ve pulled out the polar fleece and slippers, took a deep breath of crisp Autumn air, then grabbed my cup of Peet’s Coffee with which to sit down at the computer to launch our conversation.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! I am most inspired to write poetry in Autumn. Autumn colors and weather envigorates me and I think it seems to also ignite sparks in most of the online handmade community in which I partake.

So just in case you don’t know,  let me take this opportunity to bring to your attention that on September 22nd the news letter announcement alerting that it’s time for the 2011 Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp arrived in my email box. The entire Etsy Community is a buzz so be sure to drop into the forum where you will be energized by the wealth of participant comments!

Be sure to drop by Handmadeology and sign up! sign up! sign up for one of the FREE tools and E-courses offered! I love the spread sheet for setting sales goals and tracking the progress!

AND, if you don’t already know, you will want to take full advantage of the 10-week series that Kim and Tim are offering on Everything Etsy entitled: B.L.O.G. (Blogging Leads to Online Greatness)! I’m lovin’ it!

I recently attended a webinar presentation about ‘sound bites’ and how to prepare for a media interview and here’s a couple of points that caught my attention:

  • ‘get naked’ and share something new about myself
  • offer a solution to a problem

Getting Naked

Did you know that eventually I would like to ‘write’ and publish a book or short-story that proves important?  Well, everything I read about writing advises that one should “write what you know” and that got me to thinking, “I wonder if there’s a way to take advantage of the wealth of my injury prevention knowledge and connect it with something I create for Hide A Heart?”

Problem Solver

The idea intrigued me so much and I am pleased to say that I have figured out a way to combine and share injury prevention education through creating a ‘I♥You’ product line for the holiday season. After all, the holidays are all about LOVE!

Teaching injury prevention at a local hospital has helped me realise that people are likely to cooperate with taking responsibility for their own safety when provided simple tools and positive motivation linked to emotional messages that help folks make good decisions. After seeing the EMBRACE LIFE video, I decided to create the Snug Hugs key charm as a cute and positive reminder of WHY we wear safety belts which is as much for our own safety as FOR THE PEOPLE WE LOVE!

You may be surprised to learn that nearly every state has a GDL, but are you familiar with the acronym and the laws? When teaching how to GDL to families, one of the most important points I bring to light is ,”Just because something is legal doesn’t make it safe!” Recently I published two EZINE articles to help parents utilize GDL laws effectively. If you have a child between the ages of 14-18 and are enthusiastically looking forward to the day when he/she gets a driver’s license, you will find Teen Driver Safety and Thinking Outside the GDL Box filled with useful tips and strategies. As reinforcement to the article information, I created the ‘I♥GDL’ key charm for teens as a way for parents to send a simple yet important non-verbal message along with your teen every time he/she grabs the keys to the car.

Or maybe you have younger children or know a young parent with children who could benefit from some car seat information and education. There’s a ‘I♥You’ key charm to provide proper child car seat safety information too!

If you are looking for a unique and lasting gift that radiates love for every season, tuck one of the ‘I♥You’ or other Hide A Heart products into a Holiday Stocking this year! The R.O.I. will be priceless!


3 thoughts on “‘Iheart You’ Holiday Splendor

  1. LOVE Autumn too!! Though I am still sporting shorts and a tank top!! LOL On my second pot of coffee for the day and John is making homemade chili and cornbread for dinner!! Shoot, it rained so hard here on the east side so hard today, I thought the sky was falling!!
    LOVE Kim and Tim B.L.O.G. (Blogging Leads to Online Greatness) series on Everything Etsy!!
    Here’s to a WONDERFUL week!!

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