Thanks to KlipXtreme Cooperation, Rescues Hide A Heart!

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I sell Hide A Heart products through the Hide A Heart web site, on Etsy, and You also know that since July 12, 2011 I have been trying to sort out how a HAH UPC code was crossed with a product sold by KlipXtreme.

Let Me Entertain You!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough! Click the link and it will take you to YouTube, then return to this page to listen while you read.

When my granddaughter entered pre-school, one day she came home reciting, “Everything’s Great When We Cooperate!” Everyone in the family adopted the saying and shared it with lots of other friends. I believe I can safely say the little saying has become the ‘Family Motto’ and largely used when things get a ‘little tense’ as can happen when children and parents get tired or stressed.

We have another ‘Family Motto’ that has helped too and it came about because there are times over a 65-year marriage when my father and mother will sometimes ‘bite’ at each other. A few years ago my father’s family planned a reunion in San Antonio Texas and I accompanied my parents to the  celebration. Before we left I suggested we have a little ‘code’ to let one another know when ‘our tone’ was becoming a little ‘strident.’ I said, “Ok, how about this. Whenever one of us begins to criticize or launch an unpleasant ‘word-bomb’ someone says, ‘Sugar, Sugar’ and that will alert the person to change course.” To my complete joy, both of my parents agreed.  In fact, ‘Sugar, Sugar’ became the ‘family code’ for the week and contributing to making the entire reunion a wonderful experience for all who attended!

I tell you this little story because I reminded myself of my granddaughter’s poem and my own suggestion to my parents and applied the same ‘Motto’s of Merit’ when dealing with the issue.

I must admit I was rather taken aback by’s initial response when I first alerted them of the UPC code ‘product confusion’ and the robo-responder direction to me to “immediately remove the listing.” I sat on it for a bit trying to decide what to do…after all represents a GIANT of a company.

I decide the first course of action would be to look more closely at when I had listed my products on Amazon, in particular the ‘XOXO’ heart and saw that all my products had been listed in 2010, but the ‘XOXO heart’ showed being listing in 2011. I knew I had not listed anything this year.

I also knew that when I listed the ‘XOXO’ heart, the listing showed perfectly well and that it had only been a fluke that I happened to visit the listing to see the ‘confusion’ with a KlipXtreme product.

And, that’s when I decided I was going to approach the ‘confusion’ with as much ‘Sugar, Sugar’ as possible. After all, it was my mother who years ago told me, “you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.” Clearly honey had to be the way to attract cooperation with Amazon and KlipXtreme.

At no point did I let my frustration with the fact that KlipXtreme was, in my estimation, a wee tad slow to respond to email aprising them of the ‘UPC code product confusion’ and instead persisted with contacting them until I received a response.

Additionally, to’s credit, once I explained that the ‘XOXO’ heart was fine when first listed, but that the date showing the listing was totally out of sync with my other listings and that I was agressively trying to connect with KlipXtreme, Amazon agreed to ‘wait’ and asked to be ‘kept’ in the loop of progress.

While it took a month, which probably is NOT that much time in the world of HIGH VOLUME compaines like, I am very happy to report the entire issue as been HAHMONIOUSLY resolved! Everything’s Great When We Cooperate!

Oh, and one more thing. I just sent a THANK YOU email to both and KlipXtreme in appreciation of their respective parts in resolving the confusion. That’s another thing my mother taught me…”The practice of being polite is priceless.”


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