HAHjacked From PDX to Belize

The mix up of UPC code between a Hide A Heart and KlipXtreme listing on Amazon.com was developing into no less than a Soap-HAHopera until finally last week I received a reply…sort of.

Let Me Entertain You!

Going Out of My Head Click the link and it will take you to YouTube, then return to this page to listen while you read.

Before reading further, see what I mean by ‘HAHjacking‘ ? Thank goodness I followed the practice on the left, otherwise, I might have been HAHSTERICAL!

The back story:

When I realized a product being sold by KlipXtreme was listed using the UPC code for the XOXO Hide A Heart I immediately reported the issue to Amazon.com on July 12, 2011. However, I was surprised when Amazon.com told ME to remove the HAH listing! What??????

I wrote back explaining to the Amazon.com ‘auto responder’ that when I orginally listed the XOXO heart, the listing showed up fine. It was only recently that the listing was confused with a product sold by KlipXtreme. Amazon.com decided to ‘wait until further notice’ and that’s when I sent KlipXtreme the first  asking to be contacted and also sent Amazon.com a copy of the email sent to KlipXtreme.

Then, I waited….and waited….and waited to hear back from KlipXtreme. On July 18 I sent a second email to KlipXtreme plus a jpg copy to Amazon.com. Then, I waited….and waited….and waited to hear from KlipXtreme.

In the meanwhile the Amazon.com ‘auto-responder’ sent regular inquiries asking how things were progressing to which I could only answer I was awaiting a response from KlipXtreme.

On July 26 I sent a third email to KlipXtreme and FINALLY received a response saying they would ‘look into it and get back to me.’ In turn I sent a jpg of the response to Amazon.com.

I am reporting that my do-diligence seemingly paid off.

However August 6 the listing is anything but HAHmonious.


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