‘Iheart You’ traffic safety education charms

September is National Child Passenger Safety Week. Easily remind new and young parents about safely transporting children with a key charm and simple rhyme!
‘I ♥ You’
Did you know that most children killed by a drunk driver is riding in the car of the drunk?

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.58.52 AM


12 thoughts on “‘Iheart You’ traffic safety education charms

  1. It breaks my heart when I see this as I often do. It is important to get proper instruction on how to secure a car seat and up to what size (height) a young person should be using these devices. Thanks

  2. DUI drivers having fatal accidents with children in their cars are murderers. Your charm belongs on every drinker’s or drug abuser’s keychain, especially the keys of Moms and Dads who just aren’t thinking too clearly.

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