Do You UPC?

An interesting thing happened the other day on the way to check the Hide A Heart listings available on What I found begs the question–Was the UPC code for the XOXO Hide A Heart ‘HAHjacked”? And I thought this ‘little business venture’ was going to be easy. Are you laughing?

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For those who follow, you know I spend $39.00 a month to list Hide A Heart on When first launching Hide A Heart, I was counseled that as a newbie business, being listed on would engender ‘credibility’ in the minds of my customers. Additionally, I believe that a Hide A Heart presence on EverythingEtsy along with perusing all manner of free publicity through authoring articles for several WWW sites serves to create increased product visibility…please reassure me that I am correct about that idea because I can tell you ‘time’ is not quite the ‘free’ entity I once opined! requires a UPC code for every product listing, which I did not ever imagine I would need. However, is the Gold Standard for selling sites, so whatever wants, gets! After some web research, I decided to purchase 10 codes for approximately $100.00 and happily listed Hide A Heart products and waited to be DISCOVERED!

While DISCOVERED is a ‘relative’ term, I can report that DISCOVERED can be honestly applied with connection to Hide A Heart sales from the listings as told in one of my favorite posts about a sale to a soldier in the Middle East.

This week I checked on my listings and found an entirely different product using the HAH UPC code for the XOXO heart! The listing shows the XOXO heart and description until you reach the weight???? I went to ‘manage inventory’ and found the listing showed very differently from the way it showed originally when I made it. Whoa! What happened?

I quickly reported the ‘listing confusion’ to those who help on and received an email response telling me to ‘take the listing down immediately’ as if I had caused the issue. I wrote back and pointed out when I had listed products and purchased UPC codes and that this ‘new’ listing showed that it was made in 2011 but that I had not added any listings this year. I then emailed a query on July 12, 2011 to the company who somehow shares the same UPC asking when they purchased their UPC code. To date, after a second email and keeping in the loop as requested, thus far have heard NOTHING from the company of cross-purpose!

I’m sure there must be some ‘reasonable’ explanation and I’m practicing the slogan to the left because I don’t really want to believe the UPC code for the XOXO heart has been ‘HAHjacked’! In particular because that would mean the company from whom I purchased the codes is selling the same codes to other people and that’s a No! No! that would require some pretty serious undertaking.

As for the next ‘action point’….I plan to connect with this company via phone….hopefully someone in Belize speaks English.

4 thoughts on “Do You UPC?

  1. are you absolutely certain that this one UPC code.. is the ONLY thing of yours and HAH that’s been hi-jacked? Belize is a place for folks to go, to avoid extradition to the US for pretty much any criminal activity. I’d take a careful look at any and all bank accounts, credit card processing companies.. pretty much anything dealing with money. Remember too, that Amazon is a huge target for nasty hackers.. but it might just come back toward you somehow. Since you do have proof that you own this particular UPC, that should suffice to Amazon.. they should repair the damage. Checking with the UPC selling company, might not be a bad idea, as they may have more information about this kind of fraud. Unless of course.. they’re located in Belize!

  2. I am so sorry this happened,this is the kinds of things they talk about that makes small sellers stop trying because they are always getting ripped off or screwed over somehow!
    I will pray for you for it to work out smoothly for you and, i hadnever said anything before but Im planning on buying some come January so I hope youll be up and running by then. 🙂
    Samantha stacia

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