Etsy Shop Help Available

If you sell on Etsy, I’m sure you are aware of the new DEFAULT RELEVANCY SEARCH changes we all want to include when listing our products. I spent a few hours on this already this week. How about you?

Let Me Entertain You Heartfire

Have you noticed that things change rather often in the online shop world and keeping up requires the fast moves equivalent to that of Mercury?

One of my favorite blog feeds arrives directly to my email from Michele of BY YOUR SIDE . This week Michele included links and appreciation for a great post from Sandie. After reading the post and working to improve the HAH Titles Relevancy Search I decided to do a little more research and found the Sellers Assisting Sellers: SHOP CRITICS for some up-2-date and important information.

Due to this found information I realise I need to retract a suggestion offered in a now removed post in which I said that to both express appreciation for a seller including one of your products in a treasury was to offer a THANK YOU in the listing description along with a link to the treasury. Turns out that I was WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Besides, Etsy now includes a link to the treasuries in which a product has been listed, so there is no long a need to ‘do it yourself’!

I wholeheartedly apologize and it is only fitting that along with working on RELEVANCY today, I also spent a little extra time REMOVING those THANK YOU treasury links! However, I do have an entire page dedicated to 2011 Treasury Appreciation on this blog where I can express my gratitude fully while keeping HAH in EtsyGrace!


2 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Help Available

    • Hi Michele! YOU are so very welcome for the shout-out and the Tresury link info that can be found on your Etsy products that have been featured in a Treasury!
      You’re such a sweetie! I love that you keep me ‘on task’ for listing my Weekly 5 Fabus!
      Hugs Galore!

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