Let Me Entertain You!

With the ‘bazillions’ of blogs on the web, readers, including Moi, are spoiled for choice. That’s why I am forever trying to discover ways to ‘drive traffic’ to this blog. I recently read that one way to ‘entice’ a reader to one’s blog is through polling, so I decided to take advantage of the poll app on Facebook. Once the poll was created, I sent emails to a few Hide A Heart fans and here’s the rest of the story.

It all began when trying to add the poll to this blog. I tried adding the FB poll, but it didn’t download properly, so I quickly deleted the FB poll and created a poll with wordpress.com and tried inserting it, but that app didn’t work any better.

Now the real error I made with this effort was that the ‘publish’ button is kind of close to the ‘preview’ button and I pushed the wrong button! BTW: I’ve had a life-long problem with pushing wrong buttons. For example, when I was very young I would dial…you remember rotary dialed pay phones….I would dial several times without letting the call go through because I would stick my finger in the wrong hole…even today I sometimes press the wrong key when using a cell phone. Of course I ALWAYS tag mother for having this issue because when I was a wee thing she insisted I be right handed when I was left handed and I am sure it cross-wired me in some way!

Fortunately, although he might think it more UN-fortunately, my friend Gerry who has ‘graciously’ been tagged as ‘test kitchen top chef’ received a notice re: the change on the blog and when he clicked, well you can see the 404 Not Found page he cleverly sent as to punctuate a “what the heck” message to me. After a lot of back and forth, I finally got THAT solved!

To continue, I am happy to report that the poll was a complete success! I was able to collect information and act on remedy, which was exactly my strategy!

The poll told me that while I am paying additional fees for the ability to download photos and other media, NO ONE taking the poll said they even knew about much less listened to the music in the posts. Obviously this was something I needed to improve upon, not only because of the additonal fee aspect but of rather more importance to me, you see I am trying to share other parts of my life with my reader and clearly that effort was, pardon the pun, falling on deaf ears!

And that’s when the Hide A Heart Fan TEST KITCHEN TOP CHEF began to really cook! No he didn’t listen to the music. No he didn’t see where the link was to the music. When he searched ‘Heartfire’ he found a post that took him to Hide A Heart Inspires Expression and when clicking the link took him to the tune on MySpace where yes, he could listen to the tune, but OMGosh while he would ‘continue, albeit under duress, to be my friend’ did he “really have to work so hard to listen!” PS “No one else will!!!” He gave me some suggestions and I took them to heart, again no pun, then aprised him the “Kitchen is Closed”.

I went back through posts and ENLARGED the font and added text that indicated I was the composer and singer of the tune.


Then I sent a link back to Gerry for his input and bless his heart, here is the upshot of his council!

Let Me Entertain You!



4 thoughts on “Let Me Entertain You!

  1. I love to blog, but I sure hate the technical aspect of it. It still isn’t second nature to me. I spend half the morning trying to remember how to change the font color on my links mentioned in posts, so I’d never be as ambitious as you to try to add a poll. It’s all I can handle with adding photos.

    • Hi Julie!
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. I know, the ‘techno’ stuff is often over-whelming. The good news it, it does get a little easier with some practice.

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