Never Too Early for Christmas

I know, it’s July but when I looked at my calendar this morning I was shocked to see that it’s July 25th which then lead me to immediately think, “OMGosh! It’s only five months until Christmas! And what’s more important, the Christmas Promotion Season is already in full swing! Hide A Heart is a gift line and if I am to be successful, then it’s time I began thinking with a ‘gift line state of mind!”

Let Me Entertain You!

La Naissance

The Back Story: I wrote La Naissance in celebration of the recognition of how every day dawns as if it was a clean sheet of stationery awaiting to be lived upon as one chooses.

I don’t know about you, but I have not yet settled into the frame of mind required to be a succesful ‘gift line business’. One really has to be prepared to ‘think 6 months’ into the future to begin to market products. OMGosh…Summer has not even truly arrived to Oregon and it’s already time to think in terms of ‘Holiday Snow’.

Unlike last year, I have decided NOT to participate in the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp, but what is going to keep me ‘on task’? Let’s see, what did I learn from last year?

  1. I need to list a ‘holiday’ product in my Etsy Shop!
  2. I need to ‘surreptitiously’ promote the product through blogging, Tweeting and FB posting about the product
  3. I need to begin NOW!

Good Grief! Is there NO rest for the wicked? Defying Gravity

2 thoughts on “Never Too Early for Christmas

  1. It’s amazing how quickly it sneaks up on you! I am trying to prepare too, although I’m pretty slow! (by the way, now I have that song “Let Me Entertain You” stuck in my head 🙂

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