Identify and Fill a Niche

Did you know that a lack of communication is listed among the top ten problem issues in a relationship? Often it’s the words and attitude making up the sub-category to communication that leads to complications. You know the ones I mean– the raised eye-brow; the “hmmmmmm”; the raised voice; the not-so-nice choice of words; the really poor choice of name calling; the crossed arms; oh, and let us not leave out the slamming of doors! You may wonder where I’m going with this…..

Let Me Entertain You Whilst You Read!


If you have never seen her, here’s a link to a perfectly humorus example of the Mars vs. Venus problem delivered by Amanda Gore. Among other points she suggests that upon arriving home we should engage in a “seven second kiss” MINUS the clock-watching! However, creating positive communication between other family members is essential too.

Last week I spent several hours working on answers to an exercise posted by Ann Burton that helps target customers. This week on Handmadeology I found an equally compelling post to help define branding written by Andrea Mansfield. I thought I’d share my answers as I work through the steps.

FYI: I have copy/pasted the steps from Handmadeology. My answers are bolded.

Step #1: Define  why your business exists–When I was left without the ability to perform, a hole through which a little of my spirit seeped daily was punched through my soul. I needed to find another ‘spirit-driven’ purpose to re-ignite the fires… to re-invent myself because I was lost in artistic chaos. Additionally my youngest son was injured in a car crash and to date is unable to be conventionally employed.

Step #2: Go for passion– Everyday brings a challenge I welcome whole heartedly, pardon the pun! I am utterly obsessed, possessed and passionate about sharing the message of Hide A Heart with others. Working like a woman with hair on fire is exactly the right description of the burning desire that feeds my passion, now similar to the level I experienced when rehearsing for performance! In absolute truth…I LOVE spending time with Hide A Heart!

Step #3: Ask yourself, “What am I really offering?”– I want to share the game my husband and I have played for decades. By keeping a love note in circulation we created a way to speak in the language of love through a non-verbal, positive and sweet expression of affection that is fun and nutures relationship enrichment.

Step #4: Narrow your niche and dig deep– The applications for Hide A Heart are infinite, but if I were to ‘narrow the niche’ it would be to facilitate the way to help people nuture relationships with a simple communication tool and the heart symbol is universally understood to represent love.

Step #5: Solve a problem– Use a little glass heart to say a lot…without ever saying a word.

Here are your three steps to finding a  product solution:

  • Find the problem you  see in the demographic you want to serve most–A lack of simple, inexpensive and positive communication tools for couples and families
  • Define the solution to  that problem–Provide a reusable tool made in a shape that symbolizes affection
  • Find  the product that best creates that solution–Durable glass hearts that are hidden or given to express affection

I look forward to your comments.

8 thoughts on “Identify and Fill a Niche

  1. ah.. nice to hear you singing your own song! ~Heartfire~ seems an appropriate title to listen to whilst here. A non-verbal, non-greeting card expression of love, concern, affection… seems like a proper “calling” as it were.

    Peace -Gerry

  2. What a great post! Both for the entertainment via the Amanda Gore video (which I had to share on my fanpage because it so aptly fits) and your answers to the steps. You have truly defined yourself and your brand, and we can all learn from your example!! Wishing you much continued success!


    • Roslyn! I’m so glad you re-posted the video…I think it’s hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing the post with your fans. If you decide to complete the exercise, let me know what you discover. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. I think I will try the “engaging in the seven second kiss” and see how that pans out! 🙂 I agree. Non verbal communication is very powerful, especially when it’s the negative kind!

  4. Not only can you have a niche but each niche you can narrow down more. We make animal jewelry which includes horse jewelry and butterfly jewelry. You should try to have each page on your website targeting different niche markets.

    Best of Luck,

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