HAHmoxxed by MyGuestBlog.com

I’m beginning to think the world-wide-web has a few too many ideas and resources to which I have subscribed with zest and vigor. I hit another learning-curve bend that’s taken me on a two-day spin-in-place with the groove deepening to about 6′ under. This would be the upward arch of learning to which I often refer to as the steep climb to Mars!

Let Me Entertain You!


In my quest to ‘spread the news about Hide A Heart’ I have ventured far and wide with following, blog commenting; link-loving; tweeting…the list is longer than you can imagine…. and now add to it: MyGuestBlog.com. I keep thinking I’ve developed a fair amount of ‘webworld’ savvy, but then again, it seems the more I think I know, the more I still need to learn!

I subscribe to the Wordtracker.com newsletter.  Two days ago I read that the ‘new buzz’ about ‘webworld’ is Guest Blogging to promote one’s own blog and build inbound links, those oh so important links that Google picks up that helps boost ones page rank. The newsletter shared that Ann Smarty is the expert on the topic.

Of course I read with relish and rapt appetite all that Ann has accomplished and suggests for building the dynamic cadre of followers and ranking, then promptly signed up with MyGuestBlog.com only to find there is yet another steep climb to knowledge for using the site and getting started, but not before reading the guide posted with several helpful and understandable, albeit rather lengthy, decriptions of rules for participation. I appreciate reasonable rules created to help keep the integrity of a site intact. Wanting to follow the rules and be a ‘good member’, I printed the ‘Quick Start Guide’ and proceeded happily enough.

I was able to create my profile, add my blogs and links to articles I’ve written for other publications so that those members with an interest can read some of what I’ve written to get an idea of my style and content and perhaps offer me an opportunity to submit an article for their blog as a guest contributor.

It’s when I try to reciprocate to other writers who may have an interest in adding content to this blog that creates utter frustration! What I am UNABLE to accomplish no matter how I try to set up the ‘back end’ of this blog to ALLOW a Guest Blogger to submit an article for consideration, I keep getting this error message!

After several hours of trying, I posted a question in the Forum section of WordPress.com and received an immediate and informative response but inapplicable to the MyGuestBlog requirements. After reading what WordPress.com suggests, I think I’ve found the easier way for me to included Guest Posts and this sweet lady from WordPress.com just offered a great big nugget of HELP! THANK YOU timethief!!! You have saved my sanity for the present anyway.

I just wanted to admit for the record that I am ‘HAHmoxxed’, that is to say flummoxed to the core and based on the MyGuestBlog rules of engagement, I realise that I will soon be dropped from the members list due to my ineptitude! Maybe next year I’ll be ‘web-savvyesque’ enough to be a successful member of MyGuestBlog.com.

In the meanwhile, I have submitted this blog to Tim at Handmadeology for consideration. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “HAHmoxxed by MyGuestBlog.com

  1. Oh the learning curves! I recently moved blog. Something I thought would take a couple of days. It ended up taking a couple of weeks. Just have to take one thing at a time! 🙂

  2. Well, since I too am new to blogging (guest blogging is totally out of my area of expertise), I feel your pain! I just started in Jan of this year. I do love it and find it to be my favorite hobby!
    thank you for visiting my blog and friending! I too am now a follower!

  3. Thank you so much for the info on MyGuestBlog.com. To me, this stuff is getting fairly ludicrous. It’s not enough to write something of import, humor, and enlighten, but now we have to be technologically astute and a master of internet connectivity. I feel like pouring myself a stiff one!

  4. I just signed up for an account on MyBlogGuest.com (it looks like it’s the same site?). Anyway, YES — FRUSTRATING! Every site and tool has news sets of rules and regulations and as a sole proprietary business owner, I think sometimes it’s easy to feel “in over our heads.” Yikes!

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