Get A Sale and Hold On!

Get Sale! Keep Sale! As a small business owner, I know customer service is one of the most important skills I can practice. Etsy stresses good customer relations all the time through Forums, the Etsy Success Newsletter and in a number Features. Not to mention that I really appreciate good customer service myself and know that I have often times refused to continue buying from someone who is difficult or simply disinterested in my business.

Let Me Entertain You!


Remember the song Put On A Happy Face? Well that’s just what I did for a customer this week and I’m still basking in my success! I just saved a Hide A Heart sale and it was all because of the way I was able to handle the customer.

Cath of MyBeardedPigeon wrote a great post about it this week on Handmadeology for Tim. After reading the post, I decided to share my customer service story of the week.

A customer ordered a purple Hope and Healing heart this week. The additional instructions said that the heart must be delivered on July 1 because the patient was only going to be in the hospital on that day and that the customer did not know the patient’s home address.

I immediately called and emailed the customer to assure her that I could guarantee the heart would arrive at the hospital on July 1 but without a room number for the patient, it would be a little tricky to guarantee the patient would recieve her gift.

The customer emailed that she was sorry she had even tried to send the gift under such restricted circumstances and wished she had never tried. I quickly called the customer and suggested that if she called her friend on July 2 and the heart had not been recieved, I could send another heart to her friend if she got her home address and also because the unreceived heart would be returned to me. But the customer said, “I won’t be in town and able to call. I wish I’d never tried to do this.” To which I offered this solution:

If you will give me the telephone number of your friend, I will call on July 2 to see if she received your gift and if she did not, I will get her home address and resend your gift in your name. Will that be a satisfactory?

Oh yes! That would be a wonderful solution!



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