Hide A Heart Little Love Notes in play!

Sometimes I get lucky. Take last Saturday for example. It happened during the course of a conversation when I mentioned Hide A Heart to Beth, caterer, singer, blogger, small business entreprenur and member of the Oregon Symphony Pops Leyden Singers. Now Beth is an extraordinary lady of talent and she just happens to be a premier marketer, so when she showed an interest, I immediately seized the opportunity to bring her the box of Hide A Heart I keep in the trunk of the car!

Let Me Entertain You!


On Saturday I brought the salade for the 90th birthday celebration of my dear friend and mentor, Jimmy Leyden. The party was combined with an Oregon Symphony Pops Orchestra Leyden Singer’s reunion and although I was a soloist, the Leyden Singers have always been generous about including me in group activities.

Beth absolutely fell in love with the Hide A Heart with the ancient Irish Claddagh symbol of Love, Friendship and Loyalty. To my delight and surprise, Beth gave the Claddagh heart to her husband for Father’s Day then blogged about how the Little Love Note at their house is in play!

This is what I’m talkin’ about when I mention Six Degrees of Separation or fewer! No better free promotion than a Hide A Heart story written by someone else, posted on Facebook, Tweeted by moi and linked to Ana Maria Jaramillo Daily on paper.li!


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