Google+1 Cool

If you are a regular follower, then you know I am constantly on a quest to discover low cost, meaning mostly free, maketing strategies to promote Hide A Heart. I have found a plethera of online resources and from most I have gleaned a little something useful to expand my ‘marketing education’. I need resources with lots of tips and suggestions that are reasonably reliable and offer free marketing newsletters. Of course, there’s always an e-course or two that can be very tempting and I’ve signed up for one or two, but mostly I rely of the tips in the newsletters delivered via email.

Let Me Entertain You!


This week’s issue of Publicity Hound had a tip that immediately caught my attention. Are you aware of the Google+1 button? Joan knew all about it and highly recommends adding it to our blogs and websites. FYI: I pay attention to Joan’s Tips!

I am able to do a few things on the HAH web page, but once I messed up all the margins and learned quickly that there are monumental reasons for seeking the expertise of a webmaster. So,  I quickly grabbed the button code off the link Joan provided and sent it to my webmaster who added the button to the website before the end of the day! BTW: Did I tell you I have a NEW, WONDERFUL, FULLY COOPERATIVE, GOOD NATURED and RESPONSIVE WEBMASTER who is a joy to work with, never grumbles, works in a reliable and timely manner and never makes me feel as if I ask him to aputate one of his legs without anesthetic when I bring his attention to a request? Chris is My Hero!

I have become expert enough to add code to one blog I maintain when provided a HTML widget but when it came to adding the Google+1 button to this blog, every time I ‘saved’ the code using the HTML widget, more than half of it disappeared so that all you saw was the title Google+1 button in the side bar of the blog! After several attempts, I decided to contact WordPress and ask if the Google+1 button was somehow not ‘allowed’ on blogs.

Today I received an answer and I am happy to report, Yes!  “You can still enable Google +1 through the sharing feature. You can find this option in your Dashboard at ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sharing’ ”

There is a Santa Clause little girl and her name is Jenia! Thank you!


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