‘Fleurs Coeur’

Ok, you may as well know, I save bits of beautiful ribbon, especially the French kind with the wire. It’s so gorgeous I cannot bear to toss it after unwrapping a gift. I have been saving French ribbon for eons….well, at least 10 years anyway. I save it because I know I can wrap another gift with it, but using it to create something wonderful would more appealing to my sensibilities!


I recently made a French ribbon rose pin and gave it away to a friend living in Denmark. My friend was very happy with the ribbon rose, especially since it attached to her coat via a darling button, which I decided was ever more clever than pinning it.

Since making that first French ribbon rose, I have been wanting to make more things using the French ribbon because:

  1. I need to create some new product to list for the Hide A Heart Etsy Shop
  2. Of dual benefit I could begin to whittle down the French ribbon collection, which I might point out is something that will make my husband giddy with delight because there’s a fair amount of ribbon drapped about in various locations for safe-keeping

After a lot of ‘brain-wracking’ and fits and starts, today I discovered I can make darling ‘Fleurs Coeur’ bookmarks using:

  • French ribbon
  • 3″ metal clip
  • 1″ glass heart

Before I list them I am paying a lot of attention to the video tutorials by Tim and Kim, however, I am seeking input from all who would care to leave a comment because I’m NOT planning to list them as a new product until the holidays!


11 thoughts on “‘Fleurs Coeur’

    Is there any way to cover the paper clip, or maybe use colored ones? That would be my only suggestion.

  2. I too, think they are very pretty…..but will only appeal to a small group of people who still read books. The paper clip is a little tacky.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and for your good consul. While I know lots of people who use Kindles these days, the book market is still pretty strong. Maybe a colored paper clip would be the remedy to ‘tacky’.

      • Hair clips instead of bookmarks? I like the flowers and see kids particularly sporting them as hairclips!

      • Hey Judy! Thanks so much for leaving a comment….love the idea of hair clips! Additionally, I’m thinking that by attaching an apparel pin, the ‘Fleurs’ would make a lovely corsage

  3. I think they look groovy,would definitely look good as a hair clip and as far as I can tell there are still millions of us reading good old fashioned books! :o) xx

  4. I’m not sure the bookmark idea is going to be a big seller, but it’s certainly novel and different. I’m thinking the pin on a jacket might draw more attention to your product. When I read a book, I read at home so not a lot of people would see a bookmark and subsequently ask about it. If I wore a pin on my jacket, however, it’s right out there for everyone to see.

  5. I’m not really excited about bookmarks. I seem to lose them or forget to use them. However, the hair clips do catch my eye. Also the idea of having a necklace of flowers with the heart in the center might be a winner.

    The flower glued to a straight pin and used as decoration for a jacket lapel pin also might be nice. Hope this helps, B.

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