Cure for Sure

Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Following my recovery, I began giving purple hearts to other people who were diagnosed with cancer. Often times the purple hearts were not easy to find, so whenever I came across one, I would buy it knowing that one day I would be sending a purple heart to someone when I heard they had been diagnosed.

The Power of Purple

Because it is located at the top of the color spectrum and associated with the seventh chakra, purple is a color for galvanizing the center of the body to facilitate connection with universal energy vibrating at the highest frequency. Purple is the color of healing and strength.

Now you too can acknowledge courage and support someone you know who is going through a tough time with a ‘Purple Heart’.

The purpose of the Pink Ribbon purple heart is to acknowledge the courage required when diagnosed and as a sustainable keepsake to hold or tuck into a pocket as an additional reminder of the constant message of support and love of friends and family while going through treatment and recovery.

Be sure to visit BREASTCANCER.ORG to raise your awareness with the 2011 Facts and Figures about Breast Cancer


2 thoughts on “Cure for Sure

  1. Wow Mary Catherine! I've always been a fan of your hearts but didn't know you were a cancer survivor. My cancer is head and neck too; adenoid cystic carcinoma. Glad to hear you are an 18 yr. survivor!!!

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