Solving the Giveaway Mystery

Conducting a giveaway on one’s own blog is plenty of work, which is one reason I decided to occasionally sponsor giveaways on other blogs. Turns out sponsoring a giveaway on a blog other than one’s own has more obligation than I realised. I have discovered it is a little like ‘tending a garden’ where weeds grow and over-come small seedlings or, maybe it is more like feeding ‘sour dough starter’, demanding a weekly ‘check-in’ and some action!

1 Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon

Here’s the story:

In January I was wondering about the number of blog giveaways in which HAH should take part and wrote about it in the Handmade Spark post Sponsoring a Giveaway: Bonus or Bogus? Well, it’s May and I am still trying to send two prizes but as of yet learning the name of the winners has been a mystery I am making every effort to solve.

Sharing existing blog giveaway practices

Whenever I sponsor a giveaway on a blog, I make it a habit to:

  • Check-in every once in a while to keep track of the number of participants and to see what people are saying because I think it is a good way to pick up tips about my product
  • Make a note of the date when the giveaway ends so I can leave a note for all the participating contestants to see that I am looking forward to learning who won
  • Add the giveaway contest bloggers address and info to the Hide A Heart blog Feature-N-Reveiw page–in this way I can also acknowledge winners and keep track of the giveaway sponsorships HAH in which HAH is participating.

However, I am not a regular follower of blogs on which I sponsor giveaways which may turn out to be my error.  I have determined that if I am going to take part as a giveaway sponsor, I’ll need to keep a closer than occasional eye on the blog through which the giveaway is conducted so that I am aware if something untoward happens.

The first blog contest in question ended February 10, 2011. On February 16, 2011 I left my usual post stating I was looking forward to discovering who won so contestants could see I was active and interested. I also sent a convo through Etsy to the blogger with the same inquiry, but on the morning of 4/24/11 it dawned on me that I had heard nary a word!

I searched my Etsy conversations to see when the blogger first contacted me asking if I would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway…it was on January 13, 2011. I decided to visit the Etsy shop of the blogger and found that there are no products…hmmmm, that was a littler mysterious. I visited the blog and found there are recent posts of giveaways, so I knew the blogger was active. I quickly searched her blog to find the specific post featuring the HAH giveaway contest and I left another comment asking if a winner had been determined. Additionally, I sent an email through the ‘contact me’ button on the blog.

I thought perhaps this blogger had forgotten to let me know because she runs a lot of giveaways and the one for a HAH may have fallen through the cracks which piqued my concern for those blog visitors who entered 87 comments (two are mine) in which they followed the directions of the blogger for participating in the giveaway who may think HAH didn’t fulfill an obligation thus casting shadow on HAH reputation.

On the second blog contest, I posted a comment letting the blogger know I was also promoting the contest because only two people had entered the contest. I figured this was because the blog had just a few followers and felt my help promoting the blog might also help the blogger increase her followers.

So when it dawned on me that I had not been informed of a winner on this blog either, I decided to check in and found the blogger had experienced some personal family issues and was extending the deadline for the end of the contest. I completely understood, believing she will indeed let me know when the winner selected.

Nevertheless, I am taking this opportunity to make this public FYI announcements:

  • If you entered the HAH Giveaway on the Burning Moon blog, I have now connected with the blogger who informs me that the blog was down for a bit due to personal circumstances but winners chosen ASAP
  • If you entered the HAH Giveaway on 4theLuvofSaNiTy there have been some extenuating circumstances for the blogger and she will be announcing a winner soon

I am looking forward to sending the winner of each contest her prize!


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