Kate and William Hide A Heart

It is only fitting that since Kate (Catherine) Middleton and Prince William received a Hide A Heart as a wedding gift and this being the ‘Wedding eve’, my mood turns to muse about in which palace they shall play the game! I am further amused with the thought that someone on the ‘wedding team’ came ‘cross the gift and decided to hide it for them!

Let Me Entertain You!


First let me assure you that while I may ‘muse’ I am under no ‘illusion’ that the young couple may ever see the Hide A Heart. I sent it to Buckingham Palace on the off-chance that whomever is responsible for ‘gifts for the wedding couple’ found the Hide A Heart idea ‘enchanting’ and fetched some ‘higher up’ to help decide if the gift was worth passing on to the young couple. After all, Hide A Heart is glass and not made of gemstone, so the monetary value is not comparable to many of the grand gifts received.

The value of Hide A Heart does not lay in monetary value but instead falls squarely in the ‘romantically sentimental and relationship enrichment’ value category. Every relationship thrives on nurturing, Royal or otherwise, therefore William and Kate will experience the ups and downs of married life; the disagreements; the disappointments; the unhappy days and the make-up days and Hide A Heart can say a lot without saying a word.

To that end, this brings up the question of the sentimentality and relationship nurturing practices of the Brits, of which I have no doubt cannot be measured as ‘one size fits all’ since none of which are uniformly practiced by every couple in every nation. Wished that it were because every relationship benefits from ‘positive’ motivation thus expressed by one motto: Hide A Heart in every home for R.O. I. that’s priceless!

But, for my purpose, let us not wonder further about the sentimentality of the ‘wedding team member in charge of gift over-sight’ and instead continue the muse brought forth by the question found in this morning’s paper, “In which palace shall they live?” According to the article there are ‘choices’, among them Kensington Palace where William grew up and apparently his first choice. But being a Royal does not necessarily mean ‘getting ones personal way about things’ as it ultimately falls to someone else in a position of higher authority than the second in line to the throne of England.

However I prefer to think the Prince shall be granted his desire. Since there are ‘public’ rooms at Kensington Palace, it will limit the number of private rooms in which the couple might discover the Hide A Heart, so I’m offering a recommendation to the young couple and hopefully it will be passed on to them, should anyone of authority be reading.

Please let them know they might want to consider keeping the game limited to a dozen or so rooms instead of the entire private quarters. I only make this recommendation because my own Hide A Heart was once missing for two years and there are only 8 rooms in my home! To my great relief, the heart was ultimately found in the sugar canister. Now that hiding spot might not be as difficult to find for Prince William or Lady Katherine due to the charming and delicious daily practice of enjoying English Tea Time at 4:00!

Let me just end by saying, “May Hide A Heart bring you both years of enjoyment.”

Best Wishes and Congratulations Kate and Wills,


3 thoughts on “Kate and William Hide A Heart

  1. So fun that you sent them a heart.. I would think any newly married couple would love the whole concept of the heart. I am not wondering where it may be hidden and how it may be found 🙂 I believe this is the sort of thing that keeps a relationship happy and healthy… little surprise reminders that we are loved and treasured and thought of 🙂

  2. wow..how cool..I really hope that they did or will receive the heart and the story behind it..that was so cool that you sent them one…keep us posted on this..

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