Hide A Heart Press and Media Kit

Have you thought about putting a press and media kit together? Do you know what you would include; how it would look; where you would send it; how else you could use it?

I’ve spent nearly two years developing my small business. I have NOT had much time to figure out how to get the word out to the press and media because, as you already know, I suffer from Rhino Principal affliction–Ready, Set, Go, Do…then THINK!

I once bought a $140.00 PR Web package, but now I realise it was too early in development to do much good, especially since I didn’t know how to write a press release, nor had I spent time ‘honing’ the Hide A Heart message, for which I can thank my time spent participating in the Etsy Success exercise of writing a six-word story: ‘Little hearts that say a lot’.

But you know what? It’s time I get to this ‘not so little’ project!

And that’s just what my friend Carol White reminded me about in her comment made on the HAH Preparedness post: “Product, media kits, business cards, marketing materials are always in the car – and a subset goes traveling.” A HAHkit!

OMGosh! Where to start! The first step I took? I went for a walk this morning to think about it. Yes, you read that correctly…I decided to THINK about it! One thing I realised is that I wanted something ‘smallish’  and when I returned home from the walk I went online to see if I could find a 6×9″ folder in which to assemble the kit.


I some times order products from Vista Print, but they don’t offer that size folder. However, I found it on The Folder Store for a minimum order of 100 for $87.00 + shipping! Yikes! My immediate reaction is, “I don’t think I have the budget, yet can I afford to have the HAH Press and Media Kit look ‘homespun’?” I debated the answer to that question for about 30 seconds after looking at the HAH bank balance which instantly convinced me, “Oh yeah…’homespun’ will do just fine thank you very much!”

I need a multi-purpose HAHkit but I don’t want a lot of papers tucked into pockets. I find lots of bits have a tendency to spill out all over the place so I decided to print most of the information directly on to 65 lb card stock. Here’s a tutorial I wrote for making a media kit on Handmade Spark.

HAHkit includes

  • HAH history
  • Product photos
  • Press release
  • Bio
  • HAH logo
  • Business Card
  • Online link addresses
  • Product Sample
  • Cover Letter

I think the HAHkit is going to be very useful when submitting samples, participating in a give-away or including as a ‘sell and promotion’ piece with a new order from hospital or other gift shops. In fact, the HAHkit may just become the new HAH packaging for individual orders! To paraphrase a borrowed tag line from USPS…it fits, it ships!

Take a peek and share your thoughts. I’m always ready to learn something more!

PR Folder


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