HAH Prepared

During the immediate time preceeding my recent trip to California, I spent upteen hours writing a grant propsal with an extremely tight time line…one week. If you write grants then you know a week is a very compressed amount of time in which to research, develop and gather support documentation for a grant project. I ‘spaced’ the HAH prepartions until the night before departure!

Being the HAHficionado means lessons are beginning to compile at a breakneck pace which perfectly fits the profile of a woman ‘working with hair on fire’ don’t you think? Some lessons, I must admit, I learned when in Girl Scouts . I don’t know about you, but for me, that motto has stuck to me like g-l-u-e…at least, pretty much.

On occasion I have suffered ‘failures’ of improper HAH preparedness, the most recent example to which I refer in Handmade Spark=SEO for Hide A Heart , but for the most part being prepared for me is a little like ‘prevention education’, a subject about which I am extremely well informed and paid to teach.

So if I tell you that I practiced being HAH prepared for my most recent travels, you will believe me. Trouble is there is more to being prepared than one might surmise.

I am a little surprised I remembered them at all because I was absolutely cross-eyed and muddle headed from the ‘grantpress’ when the thought struck and I realised I was ‘unprepared’! However, it was not bringing enough HAH that truly illustrates the point that “there is more to being prepared than one might surmise.” 

No excuse really and in the oft recited well know phrase of Detective Sergeant Joe Friday, played by actor Jack Webb, badge 714  in the 1951-1959 television series Dragnet , I really am simply stating “just the facts, ma’am” when I admit the MO of ‘last-minuteness’ was what got me!

Lesson 17: Be sure to always have business cards and product samples close at hand when traveling in your community or farther afield that have been prepared IN ADVANCE!

2 thoughts on “HAH Prepared

  1. I’m aghast that YOU would have let that happen – you are the picture of organization (<:

    Lesson 18: Product, media kits, business cards, marketing materials are always in the car – and a subset goes traveling.

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