Handmade Spark=SEO for Hide A Heart

As a fledgling business, developing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a humongous challenge and oh, so important! How does one, in the ever so popular Nike jargon ‘ just do it’ ? I know Phil Knight didn’t ‘just do it’ over night! In fact when frustrated or feeling a little disappointed that working like a woman with hair on fire does not seem as if it is ‘paying off’ quite as I imagined it might by this second year of business, my husband is quick to remind me that Phil used to sell tennis shoes out of the trunk of his car!


I want you know I keep a supply of Hide A Heart in the trunk of my car too! After all I learned a really BIG lesson over the Christmas holidays. While in the Bank of America one of the clerks to whom I already sold FIVE HAH’s mentioned to a window customer how much she loved the HAH idea and thought the customer would also LOVE it. It was when the customer turned to me upon being introduced by the clerk and asked if I had one to show her and I didn’t, well one could say what occured was a DEFINING Moment of epoch proportion and leading me to just say, I will NEVER again be without HAH ever-ready!

In fact, I want you to know that very recently I took a vacation to visit my dear friend, Claudia. On the flight I happened to be chatting with the woman sitting next to me about any number of topics. The conversation soon turned to ‘and what do you do for a living’ compelling me to mention Hide A Heart and, of course, I was delighted. It just so happens I had packaged up a few samples in a zip lock baggie ‘just’ in case I might come across a potential customer. Upon pulling out the entire content of the zip lock and placing them upon the tray of the traveler, Laura, the stewardess, was passing by and stopped to see what we were chatting about at which point I mentioned she would really, REALLY like to know about my business and I gave her a card.

Laura picked up a “Love You’ Hide A Heart and I took a moment to explain the history of how Hide A Heart began at which point Laura asked the price saying, “You know I still have a lobster at home in the freezer that I meant to cook for Valentine’s Day and just haven’t gotten ’round to it. This is a PERFECT gift to give my husband when I return home today!” Then she bought a second HAH because she was “attending a bridal shower on Saturday” and didn’t have time to shop! Then she said, “Do you have any more cards? I need to give them to some of my co-workers!”

Can I impress upon you any more strenuously that a Hide A Heart moment can occur at anytime?

Now back to the reason for this post–To be clear, I want to just state that ‘just’ is an oxymoron because ‘just’ just isn’t that easy…unless one is lucky and that’s ‘just’ what happened for Hide A Heart!

I have been thinking for some time about the appreciation I owe and want to acknowledge to Amber Jordan and Handmade Spark.

I was lucky enough to ‘virtually’ meet Amber last year through Facebook and her MommytheMarketer blog on which Amber offered a ‘Marketing’ over-view package at a highly reduced rate. I took advantage of the offer which is one of my better investments! Not only did Amber help me with improving key issues with my product marketing, she eventually invited me to be a Guest Writer on Flight Path Studio. When Amber became one of the editors for Handmade Spark, she extended to me the offer to continuing writing. Thank you Amber!

Since joining Handmade Spark, I have gleaned so many skills, not the least of which is product photo improvement for my Etsy Shop. I have ‘virtually’ made many contacts proven to have immeasurable value. I recently posted an article on Handmade Spark listing the many ways being part of the Handmade Spark community has proven invaluable to me and the biggest of these benefits is


Search Engine Optimization! In one year the Google page ranking for Hide A Heart has grown from 2/10 to 3/10 and that ain’t hay! Thank you Handmade Spark! I am looking forward to continued collaboration and to seeing the Google page ranking for HAH going from 3/10 to 5/10 by the end of 2011!


4 thoughts on “Handmade Spark=SEO for Hide A Heart

  1. Thank you! You just made my day 😉 I’m in a transition myself as well. Flight Path Studio will start focusing on my photography again after the baby gets here. Thank you for your sweet words, I get to say I knew HAH when!

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