From PDF to JPG

I learned something about logos this past week. I’ve been writing a series about Six-Thinking Hats Exercise on the Handmade Spark blog.  The exercise is to help me focus on 2011 strategy tactics for improving marketing, branding and cross-promoting Hide A Heart. Since I am the sole proprietress of Hide A Heart, I asked a few friends to help me THINK through the various hat of the exercises. Thus far the team has helped me determine a policy that will help me evaluate the merits and profile of blogs through which I participate in ‘giveaways’; brought to my attention that my cross-promotion efforts needed to be more focused by targeting sites with similar products and readers; provided a starting point for  projecting annual sales. T he most recent question put to the Team was to access the Hide A Heart logo giving input to: Is the logo memorable, too simple, too homegrown; Is the logo’s message clear and what does it message to you; Does the logo need to be redesigned by a professional.

I am the one who created the original Hide A Heart logo using simple tools available with Word.

I worked with James at Lazerquick who created the jpg and pdf files for the logo I originally designed. He also added some ‘depth’ to that original creation and I have a fondness for the logo for various reasons, but sentimentality had to be set aside for the Black Hat Exercise: Bad Points–using logical thinking, identify flaws and barriers

The team responded that while they generally thought the logo was cute, they didn’t get a clear message from it; they thought the font was too frilly making it hard to read; they didn’t understand the whirly gigs attached to the arrows, but they thought Hide A Heart too small a business to invest in having the logo professionally designed.

Since I do not have tools for ‘revising’ the logo, I sent an email to James and asked if he could remove the arrows and whirly loops and change the font for me. He generously did and sent me the revised logo which I in turn sent the Team and all agree the improvement is acceptable.

Once I got that approval, I decided to ‘update’ the Hide A Heart Fan Page on Facebook, but when I downloaded the jpg of the revised logo it showed in black with neon printing! What????!!!!! Why???? I quickly sent an email to James inquiring if he would know why. Now James had sent me both jpg and pdf versions of the revised logo.

Lesson 16: PDF to JPG Looking at the jpg file I saw that it was not as ‘clear’ as the pdf file. So I decided to use a ‘snipping tool’ on the pdf version and wha la! Success!!! The revised logo is now the avatar of the HAH FB Fan Page and now I can move on to the next Six-Thinking Hats Exercise: Yellow-benefits and merits!


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