Life on Mars: Hide A Heart Begins II–Looking for the Pony!

Have you ever heard this story: Once upon a time there were two little boys. One was sent to a room full of toys and the other to a room filled with dirt and a shovel. After some hours passed, someone went to check on the boys. In the room with all the toys the little boy was crying and when asked why he said, “I don’t know which toy to play with first!” In the second room the little boy digging deeply into the dirt and when asked why, he said, “With all this dirt, I figure there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

Because I suffer a form of Rhino-Principal, I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past year and a half but I’ve decided that if Hide A Heart is to become successful, I better get serious and educate myself, so I’ve begun to dig in the dirt to find my pony!

When I began Hide A Heart Etsy Shop I was completely submerged and over-whelmed with:

  • developing product
  • designing the Etsy Shop and banner! OMGosh I’ve spent untold hours improving tags, SEO, descriptions, etc!
  • developing photography skills
  • learning about and implementing viral marketing
  • writing a blog
  • developing a customer list then going out to meet with each one

The list is pretty long.

I was lucky to receive a gift from my parents as seed money to begin Hide A Heart therefore, I did not need to look for an ‘investor’, so I only made a half-hearted effort to write a business plan by purchasing a copy of HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN FOR DUMMIES.

I met with a terrific lady last week. Vickie Olson of LaPlanette  is a member of WEO (Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon). She writes business plans as a profession but presently I can’t afford to pay her to write one for me.

If you drop in on Handmade Spark you know that I am applying the Six-Thinking Hats Exercise to develop my business strategy for 2011.

Now I have decided to do some research. I am going to read a few books written by successful entrepreneurs. Today I purchased two–Creative Entrepreneur and Nirvana in a Cup and recommended by Vickie. Tomorrow, I’m headed to the library to see if I can pick up a copy of One Smart Cookie.

I have also pulled out my copy of WEB MARKETING FOR DUMMIES (probably out of date by now) and holding my breath that it may still offer some tips I can ‘retro-fit’ to the ‘happening market of today’.

One more thing. I visited with a very dear friend today and we were talking about ‘being careful what you wish for’ and trying to avoid ‘over-looking’ really important components in a ‘list’ of desires. The upshot of that conversation is I have decided to use a golf shot technique: Envision the Shot…. Envision Success!


2 thoughts on “Life on Mars: Hide A Heart Begins II–Looking for the Pony!

    • Hi Sonnee,
      It is always so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your support and comment. I am submerged with the equivalent water over the head of a deep-sea diver and holding my breath.

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