Life on Mars: Hide A Heart Begins II

I spend so much time reading Etsy Success which offers many tutorials and suggestions for ‘upgrading’ my Etsy Store, plus trying to connect with my ‘target audience’, I sometimes over look necessary details for existing customers!

I decided to visit Etsy Forums today and found an important thread in which a shop was inquiring about who to contact to remove negative feedback from an international customer.

Let me just say that as a Performing Artist, I hungered for good reviews. After every Symphony Pops Concert or Cabaret performance, I couldn’t wait for the morning newspaper in which I would tear through to the Arts page and seek to find the all important ‘Review’.   

Conductor once confessed to me with great humor that he actually only collected the ‘critical reviews’, but I can tell you that I was not so well amused!  One ‘critical review’ would stick in my head for decades! I would obsess over it, trying to seek ‘enlightenment’ from it, critically re-assessing everything I wore, how I walked, my weight, my hair, my shoes, the program, the photo, the high notes, the low notes, the hand gestures….oh, I can go on and on and on about my reaction to ‘critical review’!

I think Etsy Sellers have a similar reaction because they work hard to give great customer service and offer wonderful handmade, unique and creative products. Just as I was ‘personally invested’ in my performances, so are Etsy Sellers and negative feedback is actually painful…. but, just as with a ‘critical review’, it can serve as a great learning experience.

It turns out that Etsy does not offer a way for a Seller to remove negative feedback, which is understandable.  As one shop said, “If we could remove all the comments we didn’t like, what would feedback really be worth?”

In the case of the aforementioned shop’s forum thread, the ‘negative feedback’ was actually ‘neutral’ feedback and did not affect the Shop’s 100% Positive report.

Should you find yourself ‘negative or neutral’ feedback situation, here is what Etsy does offer:

And just an FYI of Caution from Etsy Admin: Anee– Specific transactions and/or feedback should not be discussed in public community spaces. Instead, contact Support privately if you need help with a transaction.


If our product is accurately described, of fair and good value and we are attentive to our customers is there anything more an Etsy Sellers needs to give a customer to avoid ‘negative feedback”? YES! But it is not going to be PERFECT!

Lesson 14: Raising Customer Awareness

Spell out specific terms for shipping, return, exchange, etc. in the Shop Policies! I have included several details in my Shop Policies, including a few words for International Customers. However, I just found out there is something more to add!

  • For your benefit as well as the customers, be sure to note any specifics about who is responsible for paying International Custom duty and import fees and taxes in your Etsy Shop Policies section.

If you do not already, I have one more suggestion to ‘help raise customer awareness’—add a link to your Shop Policies in every listing by going to the Shop Policies page and copy/pasting the link into the listing.

Example: Shop Policies:

FYI: While the ‘devil is in the details’ please be aware that despite including every possible detail you can imagine in your Etsy Shop Policies there is no ‘guarantee’ customers will take the time to read the information but at least you will be making every effort on your customer’s behalf.


One thought on “Life on Mars: Hide A Heart Begins II

  1. Hey MCatherine~

    This post triggered a few things I needed to do with my policies, so for that I thank you! I just added international shipping with my items and it freaks me out. Not knowing how much to which country, ect, ect…..But yes, a statement in your policies as to whom is responsible for what fee is so important. Protects everyone.

    Yes, February has been a sorting month for me also. I look at it as a jump on the Spring Cleaning.

    Later, my friend.


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