Would it be OK to Enrich Your Relationship with Elan and Cachet?

Celebration (click to listen)

In the words of a well known song, “I couldn’t sleep at all last night!” I was trying to think of a Hide A Heart related Valentine’s post and the following kept ‘ramblin’ ’round’ my brain. Instead of getting up and writing my ideas down,  I was kept busy by the effort of trying to ‘memorize’ the list.

As a songwriter, it has been my experience that when I am kept awake by my own thinking there is often some ‘hidden’ value that makes itself clear later, especially when the thoughts, ideas or poetry are easily resurrected the next day!

14 Reasons to Hide A Heart®

  1. Bump the Thump–Whenever the hidden heart is found, a heart will skip a beat with delight
  2. Dazzle the Razzle–Celebrating the ‘little things’ is huge
  3. Express the Best–Create non-verbal positive communication
  4. Amuse and Enthuse–Hiding and finding the heart is simple pleasure
  5. Invest in the Zest–Exponential R.O.I.
  6. Beguile the Smile–Happy making is contagious
  7. Zing the Strings–Love is the music of the heart
  8. Adore the Ardor–Turn about is fair play
  9. Sizzle the Fizzle–Where there’s smoke….
  10. Ignite the Light–Let it shine
  11. Jazz the Pizzaz–Create the sparkle
  12. Vivacity Capacity–Engery=Energy
  13. Inspire Desire–Nurturing
  14. Assure Alure–Charming is disarming

Hide A Heart can be found on Hide A Heart Etsy or Hide A Heart or Amazon.com or HospitalGiftShop.com

May your heart be inspired!


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