Make Me a Better Seller


Today I learned an important lesson when filling a Hide a Heart order and I want to THANK my Customer for making me a better seller.

Thank You Lee of Cococtions!

In keeping with one of my 2011 goals, I made an Etsy Treasury last week.

Treasury   My usual practice is to contact each store owner about the Treasury featuring one of his/her products. While I alert store owners, I sometimes bring attention to other subjects that might be of interest.

For example in the new Etsy Success Newsletter  I was particularly intriqued with creating my 6-word story so when I informed Lee of about being featured in the Treasury I also asked if she had written her story and then included links to both the newsletter and the thread in which to post when she was ready.

Lee sent me her 6-word story and the next thing I knew, she surprised me by making a HAH order 

I quickly put together her order and got it shipped then sent Lee the tracking number. Then I decided to surprise Lee and order one of her terrific work aprons and Lee responded with appreciation and told me she was really looking forward to receiving her HAH bookmarks because she was giving them as Valentine’s to special people!

OMGosh! I had NOT wrapped the order for Valentines–so I awoke at 4:00 am this morning obsessing about ‘why oh why didn’t I ask????!!!!’ and that’s when I decided I needed to ‘re-wrap and re-send’ the order.

Lesson 13: To provide the best customer service…Always ask!


2 thoughts on “Make Me a Better Seller

  1. YIKES!! Good to know I am not the only one who obsesses!! I just got a good pointer fron a customer… I wrap all of my purses in HOT pink tissue with a black bow and handwritten thank you… my buyer suggested I inclose my purses in plastic. Not a huge fan of plastic, but it had rained and her mailbox had a leak, thank goodness the purse was alright, but have you ever seen what happens when tissue paper gets wet?? Could have been a MAJOR disater!!

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