Hide A Heart Year Two, Too, To Do!

Celebration (click to listen)

Year Two:

Hide A Heart’s  first year has been a doozie of a learning experience with ever so much more to learn. I am happy to report I am still ‘in this game for the long run.’  I LOVE waking up every day with a large dose of positive Hide A Heart energy.


I feel as if I have created a wonderful product and the Hide A Heart shop has greatly improved due in large part to my participation in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp.

I’m happy with packaging,  the number of products available and have plans for expansion. I am pleased with the R.O.I. of my efforts thus far and undaunted by the tons of remaning steps to initiate and the challenges to identify and over-come. I am pretty sure promotion is now where I need to focus most of my effort.

I have a five year plan and as such, during this second year I’ve decided to set some concrete goals..not exactly ‘resolutions’ which trumpets out the implied meaning of irrefutable ‘pin me against and wall with no hope of escape’ kind of declaration. However, I am of the opinion that if I ‘publically’ number and name 2011 goals it will serve as a means to hold me accountable. I plan to periodically revist and report on the promise, pitfalls and progress of the long stretch toward reaching out for ‘the golden ring’ to encircle the best for Hide A Heart.

To Do!

  1. Create a treasury a month and post on the http://hideaheartinspiresexpression.blogspot.com then contact the featured shops with the news requesting they also ‘spread the news!’ I made the first one today and I’m counting it as January’s effort! http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4d17acce0e118eefbdf0f7d7/teas-me?ref=pr_treasury
  2. Sell 10 Hide A Heart a week 
  3. Blog once a week
  4. Write an article a week for Handmade Spark http://handmadespark.com
  5. Get applications for local craft faires submitted earlier
  6. Diligently nurture and update often the Etsy Shop http://hideaheart.etsy.com

Just added ‘valentine’ tags to everything appropriate. Whew! Go ahead, search ‘Romantic Valentine’ on Etsy (of course, it’s easier if you look up Romantic Valentine in Portland Oregon because only 29 listings pop up!) If you search ‘Romantic Glass Heart Valentine’ it is among 243 listings. If you search ‘Ruby Red Romantic Glass Heart Valentine’ it is among 13 listings.  If you search ‘Romantic Valentine Love Game’ 6 Hide A Heart listings are among the 13! Just ‘maybe’ I’m getting the hang of this!

I  am sure the list will grow.

In the meanwhile the only ‘resolution’ I am making is to ‘work to fill the world with magic every day.’


5 thoughts on “Hide A Heart Year Two, Too, To Do!

  1. With a great product and all your focus and energy, 2011 promises to be YOUR YEAR! Wonderful and laudible goals, Cathy. You are right on target already, which surpasses most folks this time of year. And Valentine’s Day–the most perfect day for Hide a Heart –is just around the calendar, and you are on top of that too. GO HIDE A HEART!!!!

  2. Good goal setting Cathy – I think you will be able to do all of those and so much more – just remember where you were a year ago and how much more you know now.

    Best of everything in 2011!


  3. You rock! I am amazed at your energy, tenacity, love and goodness. I am so grateful to count you as my firend! Love you,

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  5. Hide a Heart is, as you are, Cathy, full of heart! And it makes me aware how often I don’t “say” I Love You, but mean to say it. This little red heart gives me that chance often, and I love it! Great job at setting your goals and so glad to know you are still there with Hide a Heart!

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