Fairy Tea

Spark One: How has your creativity changed over the past year?

Last year my creative spirit was still seeping through wounds bound with sorrow for the loss of my singing voice. Today my spirit driven passion is returned to me because I get to live in the right brain every day since creating Hide A Heart.

Last week was a blur for me so I am combining the IGNITION of the http://handmadespark.com  blogging challenge, trusting my dear reader to be generous with tolerence.

Spark Two: Photograph your inspiration

I am inspired by my love of decorating, cooking extravagant repast, shopping for or making gifts, wrapping and creating ‘Christmas Magic’ for my family.

I have two granddaughters ages 5 and 3. They always celebrate Thanksgiving with us in Oregon, so I decorate my house for the holidays in early November because  when they arrive I want the ‘magic’ to be in play and I delight in seeing their eyes widened with excitement. I believe children embody the ‘Magic of Christmas!’

The little girls are very fond of the Fancy Nancy books and with their love of ‘fancy’ in mind, I decided to start a new Christmas Tradition with them by inviting them to a ‘Fairy Tea’.

I made ‘formal’ invitations with plenty of glitter tucked into an envelope affixed with a ‘glittery’ stamp in the shape of a crown. The invitation included all the usual information of date, time and place along with attire to be worn and manners to be practiced.

On the day of the Tea, the wee girls awoke and immediately donned Tea Attire which they wore All Day in huge anticipation.

Perhaps no more than I, the girls were so excited they had a hard time taking a nap before Tea was to be served but I needed the time to set the ‘Fairy Tea’ table, bake ‘Fairy Cakes’ and brew ‘Fairy Tea’ + dress for Tea myself!

After nap, my daughter-in-law gathered the girls in the living room and I used a small bell to announce ‘Tea Time’. I had bought a few trinkets for ‘formal Tea wear’ (BTW: Next time I’ll just offer some of my rhinestone jewelry worn during various concert performances instead of wasting money on plastic jewelry!)

Good manners were perfectly practiced which proved a great asset when Grandpa dropped by the Tea Table to tease and my youngest granddaughter yelled ‘No Boys!” I reminded her quietly about the ‘Good Manners’ expectation at which point she whispered under her breath, “no boys.”

We wore tiaras and ate ‘Fairy Cakes’ sprinkled with Fairy Dust until tummies growled loudly “STOP!” and drank warm ‘lavender’ Fairy milk poured from the Cinderella Tea Pot into tiny Cinderella Tea Cups.


Why is ‘Cinderella’ referenced in this post? Here’s the story. When I was three years old my father returned from WW II. When my parents had enough money to buy a home , one day we all went ‘home hunting’ in the new Story Book Home neighborhood. My mother told me we were going to look at ‘Cinderella’s’ house and I was so excited! But when she saw there were stairs, she decided the house was not a good fit for our family, at which point I refused to leave, planting myself on the first step of the stairs and hysterically crying out that “I want to live in Cinderella’s house!” My father picked me up and put me unceremoniously into the backseat of the car where I proceeded to have a tantrum repeating my demand and after about 20 minutes I recall he asked my mother, “What is the matter with her?” My mother looked at him rather aghast that he didn’t seem to understand and repeated, “She wants to live in Cinderella’s house!”

Many years later my father bought me a Cinderella themed musical clock and my mother gave me a Cinderella Tea Set in honor of that ‘preciously’ memorable day!


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