Got Blog, Go Feed

A blog is like sour dough starter. Once made, you must regularly feed it! From what I have learned as a participant in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp, it also means you need to ‘blog with meaningful content’. That is to say, offer something of substance with perhaps a craft tutorial, a recipe or inspirational quote of the day.

“Nothing’s impossible. The very word says, ‘I’m Possible’! (Audrey Hepburn)

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 9.30.41 PM

When I started participating in LinkLove, I signed up to ‘follow’ a large number of blogs. I made a ‘Blog Follow’ folder in my Favorites, but one day I noticed that there were about 500 blogs listed and my eyes crossed from that ‘no way I can face this!’ feeling. Do you ever have that happen? I must confess that I deleted the folder and henceforth felt guilty but also relieved.

Now I try to visit just a few blogs at least once a month. I am not always successful, although using Google + and Reader does make it a wee bit easier to keep up, I forget to go look at it. I think of Google Calendar as a fine tool, however I missed a meeting relying on Google Calendar last week because I was not signed into Gmail to get the electronic tickler! All of this is driving me back to being a Luddite which Webster defines as “any opponent of industrial change or innovation.” So, it’s back to the paper calendar, ink pen and the highlighter for me!

Addendum Update: I am happy to report I have become more adept at using the Google Calendar and Reader. I find in particular Google + makes it easier to keep up with several close contacts.

Blog Visitation Discoveries

Did you know that one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of promoting your blog is simply commenting on someone else’s? It’s an easy way to ‘cross-promote’. However, there is ‘blog etiquette’ to practice, which is to say when making a comment, keep to the topic and do not just leave a link to your blog–That’s a BIG ‘no no’!

During the past three weeks, I have stopped by three different blogs: 1. Because of LinkLove; 2.Because I am a contributing writer; 3.Because a returning customer and I have been having a very nice correspondence.

All three blogs featured an Etsy Treasury—not just a link to the Treasury, but a visible Treasury with photos/shop names and prices! This got me to thinking, “HOW is THAT accomplished?” What a lovely way to ‘feed a blog with meaningful content’ because it creates a way to show the Treasury Booty in more locations than just on Etsy.

On the first blog upon which I saw a ‘visible’ Treasury, I made a polite inquiry through posting a comment, but there was no answer. I figured the blog owner was either:

  1. Busy
  2. Rude
  3. Thought it too complicated to explain
  4. Doesn’t know me
  5. Was out of town and unable to pick up the message

The latter being the reason of preference. I think it important that a blogger respond to inquiries as well as comments. It’s similar to when one is engaged in a face-to-face conversation. 

Two Little Love Notes for You

Love Note #1

Like me, if sometimes you make typos in FB posts, Tweets, Google+ etc, there is a remedy available! Just download Grammarly to avoid further embarrassment. 

Love Note #2

When visiting Grahto Studio’s blog because my recent correspondence with Kimi reminded me that I had not visited her blog in a while, I found she had a wonderfully informative post about Holly Wood AND a ‘visible’ Treasury! Kimi is a customer and we have developed a relationship so I felt comfortable asking her if she would share how she made a visible Treasury. Kimi immediately responded with this link to Whale Shark. I quickly added the link to ‘My Favorites’ list. Click Kimi and Grahto Studio to read more about Kimi.

I immediately went to the link and followed the instructions. It took some time, meaning I had to revise the size so that meant going back and forth with the code maker, but I revel in my success! See for yourself.

‘In the Pocket!’ by HideaHeart

Wall pockets are the ultimate ‘door appeal’. When creating this treasury I found the pocket I wanted. Can you guess which one it is?

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house

I hope these little love notes will help you create an Etsy Treasury to feed your blog with additional meaningful content too! Be sure to check out  my Etsy Treasury Making Tips post for other useful tips.


20 thoughts on “Got Blog, Go Feed

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  2. I love your blog! You are so accomplished and such an interesting writer. I am sooo impressed with what you have done with your little start-up.


  3. You rock MCatherine and I am betting your fave wall pocket is the white one with the hammered angel. If you are like me you are trying to figure out how it was made “inside out” with the angel being raised. If I hammer on a blank wall pocket the angel would be dented in the metal not dented out.

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