Reflection on a Year in Motion

                                                What a remarkable year! Hide A Heart opened shop on Etsy in October 2009 with two products. There are now 8 products + special ‘developing’ products. Since opening I have filled orders 33 times for Etsy Customers. Considering the number of shops on Etsy, I consider this a coup and huge return on the time I have invested self-educating! Even better, I am confident 33 Customers have been inspired to integrate into their lives the Hide A Heart espirit d’corps.

I have re-shot product photos hundreds of times in search of  just the right ‘feel’ ‘texture’ ‘lighting’ ‘message’ to inspire a shopper into becoming a Hide A Heart customer. I have re-tooled descriptions, titles, tags, and packaging seeking just the right presentation, explanation and to create the best ‘map of direction’ for finding my shop, that my mind spins into near halucination when I think of the number of changes. 

I have tirelessly studied Etsy Forum threads to learn what other Etsian are sharing; participated in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to further drill down to hit paydirt; visited other blogs; created a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page before I even knew what to do with them; maintain two blogs;  joined groups and over time found I could offer and share suggestions to others based on my own experiences and learning. I have been honored by the offer extended to me from Handmade Spark to be a contributing writer, and I have only described the very tip of the iceberg.

I have made new friends all over the world, a bonus never anticipated but cherished.

As you know, I’ve marketed like a woman with hair on fire living on thin air!  I thought it might be fun to give you a ‘bird’s eye view’ into some details of the daily life of a woman working with hair on fire living on thin air!

She rises around 6 a.m. and her prince of a husband brings her coffee after she’s propped herself up in bed ready to watch the sunrise while happily sharing the daily ‘plan’. At 7:00 she turns on the computer and with a second cup of coffee, peruses the 8 cyber monitoring addresses she visits on nearly an hourly basis IF she gets to work on HAH all day. “Ah ha!” you say, “she’s a little compulsive-obessive about this Hide A Heart biz don’t you think?” But I prefer to use much more empowering words like DEDICATED! DEVOTED! DELIRIOUSLY DELIGHTED

After a  brisk daily walk with friends during which time she tries NOT to share adnauseum about all she is experiencing with Hide A Heart but instead talks about other topics–yes, she can talk about topics OTHER than Hide A Heart–she returns to the computer to once again review the 8 cyber monitoring addresses.

If there are orders, she fills and ships them after wrapping with care and including a note a thanks in each. (FYI: At the end of each month she fills out the spread sheet that helps her keep track of sales and products sold which in turn points out what product needs replenishing.) If there are emails, she responds. If there is none of those two, she progresses to the dozen or so other cyber monitoring addresses where she posts comments…daily comments on , after which she begins a draft blog post based on a list she is keeping of topics for both Handmade Spark, Hide A Heart blogs and EZINE articles. She checks out periodicals to see if there is a possible comment, trend or possible connection she can make for future product development and sales. 

Once all these happy actions are taken, she checks the Google calendar for any ticklers such as potential new or follow up customers to call. She spends at least 2-3 hours a day creating and packaging product..keep in mind there are 8 Hide A Heart products listed on Etsy + she’s always adding to the list of future creations + do not forget she was once a performing artist and on rare, but heart-lifting occasions, she is contacted for wanting copies of recordings or fellow musicians stop by to catch up.

Three times a day she checks the HARO alerts to see if a Jounalist is seeking what she is marketing and at 4:00 she again checks the 8 cyber monitoring sites to discover if any further action is necessary.

In between these tasks are laundry, meal preparation, family obligations and an actual J-O-B at a local hospital. She gives Tea Parties for friends and family. She sometimes cleans house focusing on bathrooms and kitchen at midnight because everyone else is asleep and those rooms will stay clean until morning!

She then falls into blissfull sleep to replenish her energy in great anticipation for the day ahead!


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