More About Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp Week #8

My head is swirling with the Boot Camp assignments…any one else feeling this way too?

Week #8 encourages us to join an Etsy Team. I chose to ‘peripherally’ join the Hearts and Hands United Team because the HHU blog  gave me that opportunity and it felt like something I could handle if I didn’t HAVE to handle it…do you know what I mean? I also found the HHU Forum Thread and joined in some of the conversation and have been warmly welcomed.

You already know I spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to ‘expedite’  Treasury assembling, but I have not had time to continue the practice. I wonder if one shouldn’t ‘plan’ a Treasury post a week through the Holidays especially in light of the fact that Etsy is looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Etsy Free Shipping Treasuries? YIKES! I’ll have to note that on my Google Calendar for a reminder.

Since starting Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp, I have spent umpteen hours improving tags, descriptions and photos and this week I received an email letting me know that an Etsy Coupon app is now available! If you are unaware of this offer, be sure to go to Your Etsy and along the left hand side you will see a link to Coupon Codes.

It is an easy app and you can manage it yourself.Very exciting news and I certainly didn’t want to miss an opportunity. The HideaHeart code is 2010HolidayHappy offering 10% off all products in the shop and I posted the code in the shop description–who knows–it’s what will be seen in the Google search…that’s GOT to be worth SOMETHING.

My Boot Camp Buddy tells me she is falling behind on assignments due to making product to sell for the holidays, which I fully understand. I have been packaging product to simplify the mailing process + get ready for a local Holiday Bazaar. I also receive a very nice order from a local company for Valentines Day. More about that later. Suffice to say the order MADE MY DAY!

In Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp Week #2 we were asked to BRAIN STORM NEW PRODUCT. I’m curious about what other shops have created and wrote a follow up article for Handmade Spark a few new products by other Etsians and encouraging all who read the article to add links to their new Holiday Boot Camp products too. Don’t miss the opportunity for the exposure! Here is the one I created for Hide a Heart

Of course in between all these tasks I decorated our home for the holidays because my eldest son and his family came to visit for Thanksgiving, enriching my life beyond measure!


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