I recently listened to a Webinar where the spokesperson said, “In 3 years videostreaming will account for 90% of bandwidth.” That got me to thinking! HIDE A HEART needs a video!
I chatted with a friend who sells his talent for video promoting and asked him what he thought the HIDE A HEART video should show. He had some terrific ideas, but unfortunately they included hiring ‘talent’ a HIDE A HEART budget for which, as you already know, DOES NOT EXIST and sent me back to brainstorming.
Connecting my Performance Artist’s Life (you can read about it on http://marycatherinelunsford.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/marycatherinelunsford or http://www.marycatherinelunsford.com ) with HIDE A HEART!
I LOVE living in the left brain which has been denied me since losing my ability to sing professionally but through HIDE A HEART I have discovered a great deal of what worked for me as a performing artist has linked comfortably with how I create for  HIDE A HEART!
While on long drives to performance destinations during my song writing days I was often INSPIRED to write lyric and music but NOT easily accomplished while at the wheel. If I had a passenger I would prevail upon him to write the poetry down for me and then I would repeat! repeat! repeat the poetry along with the melody I was constructing  so that by the time I reached the destination the music melody and lyric were emblazoned to my memory (as well as the passenger’s). You may think this approach unorthodox but it works!
Connecting those DOTS!
So while ‘riding’ back from a visit with our in-laws on Bainbridge Island this past summer, I was chatting with my husband about the videostreaming webinar and in doing so experienced the IDENTICAL creative juices that would rise in my songwriting past and that’s how the HIDE A HEART cheer was crafted!
Take! Take! Take it up! Take that HIDE A HEART spirit up!
Keep! Keep! Keep it up! Keep that HIDE A HEART spirit up!
Talk! Talk! Talk it up! Talk that HIDE A HEART spirit up!
Yay HIDE A HEART!!!!!!!!!!
So what plans are in the works for taking advantage of videostreaming bandwidth for your products within the next THREE years? I’d love to hear!


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