‘Love You’ HIDE A HEART Twtqpon

About three weeks ago, Michelle of ByYourSide http://ByYourSide2009.etsy.com invited me to join Etsypreneur.  In case you have not joined or would like to know more, here’s the link http://www.etsypreneur.com/ Michelle put together a specific Oregon Group and I wanted to meet Oregon co-preneurs figuring we might all support one another locally by sharing ideas, resources, etc.

Also since I am a new member of WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS of OREGON (WEO) http://oregonweo.org/welcome I want to let other Oregon Women Entrepreneurs know about WEO.

I visited my Etsypreneur today because I received a message from Michelle and wanted to reply + check out the newest BUZZ.  There was a post by timelessaprons http://timelessaprons.etsy.com in which Anita asked if anyone had tried the new Twitter app for making coupons. I immediately B-I-T!

You, my dear reader, are the test case and beneficiary, should you decide to take advantage. http://twtqpon.com/aj5q49

PS: To further facilitate your holiday shopping list, see this treasury! YOU will L-O-V-E the Santa Button!http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4cd1a60861376d91a4b90651/hgtv-gifts-for-the-holidays

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