I’m in the mood….to ‘Forgive’, but do not believe I am being altruistic. On the contrary. If things had NOT worked out so well, it is quite possible I might not be so GENEROUS!

Ah yes, you recall I was numbering my lessons? And do you recall that early in the HIDE A HEART blog I railed ad nauseum about how I found the original web master HIDE A HEART hired to be particularly difficult? Well, I want to share with you what I consider to be an absolute DIAMOND of a Web Master with whom I now work!

His name is Chris Beckley. He was recommended to me by Mary of I had contacted Mary because she is the webmaster for my dear friend Carol White of fame.

At HIDE A HEART’s beginning while lunching with Carol and describing the NIGHT MARE of working with the former web master, Carol said, “No way you should be having that much trouble. You should have contacted Mary.” I rolled my eyes at her and said, “I know. I know!”

Lesson 15: Gumption and ‘fire in the gut’! That’s the lesson! I had to make up my mind that I DID deserve a web master that didn’t act as if I spoke in the tongue of Ancient Greeks!

I emailed Mary in desperation! Unfortunately by then Mary had become so popular that she was unavailable. HOWEVER, Mary, bless her heart, offered Chris’ name. Refusing to be diswayed from my course, I immediately called Chris.

I spent a lot of time carefully and respectfully explaining the problems the HIDE A HEART web page was experiencing, all along apologizing for the need to contact Chris. You see the former web master had taught me through LION TAMING TACTICS that I had NO right to request anything he didn’t feel like doing at his leisure, so I was EXTRA careful with Chris because I didn’t want him to think I was being ‘demanding’.

Right out of the blocks Chris reassured me that I ‘was the customer’ and that he wanted to help me adding “some web masters can be difficult, giving the rest of us a bad name.” OMGosh! I want you to know that Chris is an ANGEL!

Within a couple of hours he had repaired the broken shopping cart due to the former web master’s fenagiling it…BTW a HUGE No!No! according to and why account cancellations occur or they take one’s first-born child which ever is worth more!

Then he created other pages within a day or so, all without whimpering or screaming or simply remaining ‘incommunicado’ for weeks on end! He added a ‘Special Offer’ button; put Twitter, FB and other links on the FRONT PAGE; added a BUY NOW button to the front page and then he presented me with a Tutorial so I could ‘fix’ some things myself!

And that’s the point I want to bring to your attention. TODAY I followed the tutorial and it worked like a charm.


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