What’s New on Mars?

Have no doubt…I have Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp blisters!  I was doing just fine until Week #4 was delivered via email! 

THAT’s when my mind began to unravel! Now I cannot say it is completely the Boot Camp’s fault. Week #4’s article turned out to be a great read.  Thankfully I had already ‘updated’ my profile bio so I only needed to move some of the paragraphs around. Click on Profile to view the improvement.  

The Key Word exercise was very helpful, but required, in my case, a gigantic amount of ‘editing’ of the HIDE A HEART listing descriptions. This would NOT have been an issue if all I had to do was take part in the Boot Camp. However, that is NOT all I had to do during Week #4.

FYI: I work a day job at a local hospital and Week #4 correlated with the end of  Q-4 plus the end of the  grant year requiring any number of report completions and the beginning of the new grant year, also requiring any number of data table development + Conference attendance + workshop development and presentation + + +!

OMGosh! There are the times when I need to have my head examined for deciding to begin a new business!!!

I want you to know that my Boot Camp Buddy, Mary of and I are beginning to develop a lovely friendship.  One could muse that we may have  NEVER met had it not been for joining the Campers! Mary did an amazing job of answering the questions in the Boot Camp Week #3 FILL IN THE BLANK exercise and in doing so inspired me to add my answers to those same questions and post it in the series I am writing on Handmade Spark   The exercise certainly proved worthwhile for each of us and illustrated what a good balance we are for one another, about which we are taking full advantage!

But then doomsday! First of all, Week #5 didn’t arrive and I panicked! I don’t know what I clicked on Etsy, but clearly it was W-R-O-N-G! I quickly sent an email to Danielle and she sent me a link. When Week #5 did arrive the exercises nearly buried me ALIVE!

The 7 Lessons from Adam Braun were easy for me. I happily share my perspective on the 7 Lessons on the  blog soon to be released Week #5 Esty Success Holiday Book Camp article in which I have absolutely no problem sharing intimate points of my spiritual growth but when it comes to the photography?  Now that makes my hands sweat…my mouth go dry…my head swim in dizzying nausea driving me to my knees in front of the porcelain altar!


Clearly, Mary is the steadying influence in my Boot Camp life! She happily reported to me that she’d already completed Week #5’s exercises BEFORE I’d even seen them! She sent new pictures which illustrated to me photography is second nature to her.

Just so you know, that while I continue to ’embrace’ the spirit of the LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD, I have some days when ‘I think I can’ nearly chokes me!


3 thoughts on “What’s New on Mars?

  1. I think you did great with your photos! And thank you for the compliments about mine. It’s not second nature to me, but years of working with photographing minature teddy bears that has helped me get to where I am and I still have lots to learn. But as buddies we will get there together! I’m soo happy we ‘met’ !

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