Women Entrepreneurs

I attended my first WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS OF OREGON http://www.meetup.com/Women-Entrepeneurs-of-Oregon-Lunch-Learn/ (WEO) Connect and Grow Dinner and meeting on Tuesday. The members I met are warm and friendly and I think this group is going to be an absolutely wonderful resource for support and help with building a new small business.

The motivational speaker at the WEO Connect and Grow Dinner was Arty Trost, a dimunitive lady with a huge warm and friendly smile who chatted with us about what she has learned about herself and risk-taking through flying ultra light planes! She gave each of us a book mark printed with this quote:

“If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I Came to Live Out Loud”-Emilie Zola 1840-1902.

And I respond, Me too Emilie! So I am taking this opportunity to post out loud and share with you the merits of HIDE A HEART this week because of LinkLove, blogging, blog posting, networking, partnering, friends and gutsy risk-taking!

  • A catalog company from Utah called ME and asked to include HIDE A HEART in the book! I asked how she had found HIDE A HEART and she said she searched ’boutique’. I am so grateful I added ’boutique’ to the search terms
  • Two weeks ago I decided to create a Pink Ribbon purple heart and last week a Hospital Gift Shop from North Carolina ordered 20 Hope & Healing and 10 Pink Ribbon purple hearts
  • Yesterday I left a message for Mary Catherine’s in PDX re: making the Pink Ribbon purple heart available in the store because so many women recovering from breast cancer purchase ‘after surgery’ under garments from Mary Catherine’s.
  • Last Monday I contacted http://komen.org to see if a link could be added to hideaheart.com that would allow a $2.00 donation be automatically made when a Pink Ribbon purple HIDE A HEART is purchased. It’s pretty complicated, so the outcome of the story is pending.
  • I chaired a Golf Tournament to raise donations for the Providence Foundation Breast Cancer Research project. Total donations from the tournament: $3,005.00
  • I received a message from Amazon.com suggesting I ‘downgrade’ the account since HIDE A HEART does not sell 40 items a month and promptly received an order off Amazon.com–Have you guessed my decision? Right! No downgrade until AFTER Valentine’s Day!
  • A friend purchased a HIDE A HEART to give as a wedding present
  • Four Hope & Healing purple hearts were ordered through http://hospitalgiftshop.com
  • A ‘Love You’ HIDE A HEART was ordered off http://hideaheart.etsy.com and off http://hideaheart.com
  • A online and printed magazine wants to feature HIDE A HEART in the Jan/Feb issue of http://www.goodlivingmag.com
  • I connected with the President of the Humane Society Board who has forwarded the query to include the PetSympathy purple heart in the Best Friend’s Corner store http://www.oregonhumane.org/services/best_friends.asp

Now, back to LinkLove, blog posting, networking, partnering, packaging and mailing HIDE A HEART’s.


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