Busy Week on Mars

Whew! It’s been quite a couple of weeks and I’ve been busy making mistakes and LEARNING! LEARNING! LEARNING!

First: I learned that in no way, no matter how tempting the offer to have a second…but wait…third…but wait FOURTH web site selling HIDE A HEART I do not have the time nor the energy. Sad isn’t it?

Let me explain. I love ArtFire and everything the site has to offer. So when Susan Adams of MY FATHER’S GIFTS posted on FB that Artfire was offering to host a PRO SHOP for a $5.95 monthly fee for LIFE fireworks wrote across me mind’s sky:  BIG TIME: SALE! SALE! SALE! and I thought, “that’s an opportunity I cannot afford to miss!”

You, my dear reader, are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Ah yes, there goes the poor dear again with her usual Rhino Principalmindset to the zenith power!” And you would be sooooooooo right.

Because between other pressing shop maintenance and signing up for the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp  along with filling out applications for TWO local Holiday Bazaars, one of which requests 100 shag bag giveaways which required I think something up to create and then put it together to be shipped by a drop-dead deadline,  I spent about two hours filling out the Artfire Shop pages but then it hit me….

HOW in the world was I going to have the time to maintain a fourth venue??? Was I biting off more than I could chew? As you know, that’s NOT a question I often ponder…being a rhino but this time I really had to pull myself up short. Actually, what I have to do to stop the runaway rhino is the equivalent of leaping into quick sand to keep from moving!

I saved the Shop pages on ArtFire and decided to let my rhino-shoes cool a little and ask myself some hard questions.  What was I feeling? OVER-WHELMED! What was I thinking???? OMGosh! What had I done?! You are CRAZIE! (and if I wasn’t already,  I was going to be if I opened that ArtFire Store.)

I realised I just had to cancel the ArtFire account, but SURPRISE!  It turned out NOT to be quite so easy as I expected and here’s why.

I made the decision to cancel the account within an hour of opening it after I had sent an email asking why it wasn’t immediately a PRO ACCOUNT. I received an ArtFire response in which I found out that I had the cart before the horse–AGAIN!

The special Pro Shop ArtFire offer was predicated on a certain number of accounts being opened by a certain deadline. So,  once I received that information, I thought, “well good thing it’s NOT a Pro Account because there is a penalty for cancelling a Pro Account (YES! I read the TERMS OF AGREEMENT)  and since what I had opened was still a BASIC Account I then sent an email with  DELETE ACCOUNT for HideAHeart in the subject line. Unfortunately, apparently my timing was off because ArtFire email points out that one can expect a response within  3-biz days and by the time someone at ArtFire saw the DELETE ACCOUNT email the promotion had been so successful and the deadline had passed and turned the Basic Account I’d opened had turned PRO!

I can only say that it was a good thing someone ordered a HIDE A HEART that day because the sale covered the cost of my mistake otherwise I would be partially bald for tearing my hair out by the roots.


As you know, I am one of the guest writers for HAND MADE SPARK  where I submit approximately 3 articles a month. On Thursday two weeks ago while perusing email I noticed a note from Amber of Hand Made Spark asking about Etsy Teams which started me thinking, “Hmmm. Wonder if PDX has a team.” And that led me to make a Google search. I found a PDX Etsy Team but it didn’t look as if I would be a good fit for the team project so I went on to check out other email. It was then that I saw an Etsy Newsletter.

Now a lot of times, I am a little embarrassed to say, I skip to the bottom of an Etsy newsletter to see which shops are featured for the ‘THEME OF THE DAY’, shamelessly hoping HIDE A HEART will be among the chosen lovelies. Sometimes I take a look through the ‘hot topics’ but if nothing really hits me, I just delete it.

On September 29th my thoughts were drifting towards Holiday Sales. I realised I actually needed to submit applications for participating in Holiday Bazaars because it dawned on me that NOW is the TIME  and I made another Google search for local Holiday Bazaars and submitted two applications with a third one pending.

I don’t know about you, but I am always delighted to find my thoughts coinciding with a fortuitous happenstance!

When I returned to reading email,  GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!  I received an email titled “ETSY: Holiday Boot Camp Week 1” and I clicked. At the top it read WELCOME TO THE FIRST SUCCESS HOLIDAY BOOT CAMP WEEK 1. Oh Boy! If you knew me you’d know that I’m all about intense and just the title messaged ‘right up your alley girl!’ Visit Etsy if you are interested in joining…it’s NOT too late.

Then be sure to visit Handmade Spark where I’ve got a series going on my own Etsy Holiday Success Boot Camp experience and where I invite you to share your Boot Camp experiences too!


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