HIDE A HEART chosen one of the 2009 Top 10 Romantic Travel Products by Honeymoons.com



THANK YOU for selecting Hide A Heart as one of the Top 10 Romantic Products to pack for a honeym❤❤n!

My Favorite Honeymoon Story

As a wedding gift, my husband and I were given a week’s stay in a wonderful home on the Oregon Coast. My husband loves the Oregon Coast and in particular, I was to discover, “Power Driftwood Hunting”. In fact during the course of that week, he discovered and dragged across the sand so many pieces of driftwood with which he could NOT part, the pile exceeded the height of the roof of the house! 

When my new husband assessed the dimensions of the driftwood pile compared to the size of our vehicle, a Datsun 2000 sports car, he said, “Well, I’ll just have to rent a U-Haul truck to get this home!” to which I responded, “Daddy has a truck and he could help you load up the wood. Why not call him instead.”

What’s in Common

Now, my father is a very practical, no-nonsense, somewhat humorless fellow. My husband is a hail-fellow well met, impractical and somewhat disorganized kind of guy. My father and husband have nothing in common but their adoration of ME!

Upon returning home, my husband called my father and making reference to his pick-up truck he said, “Hey, do you like drift wood?” When my father answered in the affirmative, my new husband continued, “Well, I’ll share some of what I collected with you if you will help me load up your truck and bring it home.” 

Off to the Beach

The next thing I knew, my father and husband took off early the next morning, returning sometime around 1PM with a truckload of driftwood. As they began unloading the truck, each time my father asked, “Hey, can I have this piece?” my husband verbally agonized over whether he could part with “that piece” he had dragged across “miles of sand.”

After a while when the same response followed each inquiry, my father finally looked at my husband sideways and grumbled, “Uh huh, I can see where this is going to lead.” He was right. At the end of the day, he was awarded the only two pieces of driftwood with which my husband could bring himself to part! and the beginning of a in-law relationship that was to replicate itself in one way or another over the next 40 years.

Compromise is a VERY Good Thing!

My father and husband invested great deliberative time deciding where to place most of the pieces for landscaping our new yard. When I was summoned to “take a look at what we’ve been doing,” I said, “Hmmmm, I’m not that fond of driftwood landscaping.” Both my father and husband responded with looks of horror in contemplation that I might nix the entire effort of the day and want them to reload the truck and take the wood back to the beach where it should have remained in the first place!

But I didn’t have the heart to disappoint these two exhausted men …I just learned to live with it…. and that’s one marriage longevity tip I want to pass along!


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