Do you HARO?

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend, Carol White. She’s not only a dear friend whom I admire, she is one of the people who has been a great supporter of HIDE A HEART and she has given me some FANTASTIC tips for getting the news about HIDE A HEART out into the world. Carol is a MARKETING MAVEN! If you have written a book, you should think about contacting  Carol White YOU won’t be sorry!

Carol told me that I “MUST be prepared to send a ‘sample’ of product and that although this can get a little expensive if sending samples haphazardly, some well-placed submissions can actually pay off. What you are trying to do with this ‘free sample’ is get SOMEONE to review it or suggest it or even chat about it which also provides an opportunity for you to respond with a THANK YOU and because getting your name out all over the internet is how the Google crawlers begin to notice you!”

Anyway, when I first started HIDE A HEART, Carol was kind enough to meet me for lunch and chat about all the many things I was going to have to do to ‘market’ my product. She also sent me links to a number of places to which I would want to connect and one of those is HELP A REPORTER OUT or HARO .

HARO is where journalists post queries for story ideas. One of things to know about HARO is that you actually agree to NOT want to submit ideas to journalist with absolutely NO connection with your product, but sometimes you can discover that story ideas help you ‘think outside the box’, which is exactly what happened and paid off for HIDE A HEART!

So, I registered with HARO to receive updates 3 x’s a day! One day there was a query about seeking products for honeymooners. Now, I always thought HIDE A HEART was a great product for a wedding favor or bridal gift, but I had not thought about HONEYMOON products. The more I thought about, the more I thought HIDE A HEART was a good fit, so I sent a pitch to the journalist and waited…waited…waited… (I don’t know about you, but I check my email about 20-30 times a day to see if ANYONE has sent me something about HIDE A HEART which adds to the feeling that one is WAITING a lot!)

Finally, an email arrived from the journalist requesting a sample, which I sent IMMEDIATELY!! Then I waited some more. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to send a follow up email asking: Did you receive the sample I sent? or How’d you like the sample? or Any questions I can answer? but, I resisted the temptation to inundate the journalist with my ANTICIPATION!!! And, it paid off because one day I received the email letting me know HIDE A HEART had been chosen as one of the 2009 TOP 10 ROMANTIC TRAVEL PRODUCTS by and here’s the link!

Oh, and one more thing my friend Carol taught me!

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3 thoughts on “Do you HARO?

  1. Congrats Cathy – keep up the good marketing work! That is a major score!

    Now, if you had it distributed nationally, think how your sales would soar! That is your next “go do” – get that distribution going. You now have this great recommendation to show Nordstrom, or Target, or ??? – Strike while the iron is HOT!

    I know, I’m such a nag…

    And thanks for your nice comments.


    PS – it is OK to follow-up with journalists and reviewers when they have asked for and received a sample for you – in fact, it is something that I insist that my clients do. I have a saying:

    no follow-up = no article

    Fortunately, you got your article without the follow-up – AND the journalist actually notified you – not something they always do.

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