Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins VII

Heartfire (Click to Listen)

Today is not a day of retrospective. Instead it is a day of surprises…well, more like euphoria…well, at least doing the ‘dance of utter delight’ in double time!

In early February I sent President and Mrs. Obama a ‘Love You’ HIDE A HEART as a Valentine’s Day gift to go with an accompanying note. I vaguely understood that the President of the United States of America isn’t actually allowed to keep gifts sent to him…something about bribery or favoritism or whatever is the new/old evil of concern.

I sent the Obama’s a HIDE A HEART because they seem to have a loving relationship and I BELIEVE in HIDE A HEART! I mused that they would have FUN hiding it for one another in the White House. Maybe even play the HIDE A HEART game as a family.

Today I received an envelop in the mail from THE WHITE HOUSE! Yes! This was when I began the ‘dance of utter delight’ in double time all the way to where my car was parked!  I sat looking at the envelop, smiling. I slowly opened the envelop to savor the experience–you’ll recall my middle name is normally RhinoBabe, which means I do NOTHING slowly–I carefully pulled the cream-colored card from the cream-colored envelop. On the top of the card is an embossed Seal of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA and a typed note of appreciation with hand written signatures of President Obama and Michelle Obama in blue ink.

Although there is no specific mention of HIDE A HEART, there is mention of “deepest thanks and appreciation for your generous gift.” I know they must have at least SEEN the gift and READ the note (or someone on Staff did) because there was mention of a point I’d made in my note.

Upon arriving home, I danced into the kitchen to show my husband–you’ll recall, The President of HIDE A HEART– the envelop and personally read the note to him, AFTER I explained why I got the note in the first place because he’d forgotten all about me sending the Obama’s a HIDE A HEART–so much for being on top of things HAH PREZ! It doesn’t matter, I have the note and the note filled my heart with joy.

Even if President and Mrs. Obama were not allowed to keep the HIDE A HEART, and it is simply placed on a shelf with other disallowed gifts,  I shall NOT be dissuaded from time to time musing about where the President might be surprised by the HIDE A HEART!

AND, maybe, just maybe the HIDE A HEART will end up in the Smithsonian among other unsolicited gifts the Obama’s are not allowed to keep, especially if he ends up being a President held in high regard.

Additionally, today I have added two more hearts to the HIDE A HEART Collection. Here is a sneak preview!

 But, now it’s time to just bask in the beauty of potential.


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